Quantity in Cart: 0. Got Better Price. When used as a receiver in distance sensors, it provides better performance as it allows better reception and protection from ambient light compared to other IR receivers. It can be used to read signals of most IR Remotes. When IR waves, from a source, with a centre frequency of 38 kHz incident on it, its output goes low.

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The TSOP17XX series of ICs are infrared sensor devices designed for sensing infrared frequencies only with a specific range of modulated frequency, and interpreting them into a proportionate magnitude of electrical pulses at the output. This is specifically done to make the sensor immune to other forms of infrared signals present in the atmosphere such as from sunlight, fluorescent tube lights etc.

This feature allows the device to be used in various forms of remote control applications without worrying about any form of external false triggering. The lead frame is used to assemble the preamplifier and PIN diode along with the IR filter which is a design of the epoxy package. A microprocessor is used to decode the output signal directly which is demodulated in an easy way.

The TSOP series is considered as the standard series for the infrared remote control receiver which in turn supports all the important transmission codes. TSOP 17XX series provides an enhanced shielding against the disturbances produced by the various kinds of electrical fields. The circuit design of the TSOP series has been designed to work in such a way that it avoids any kind of output pulses which occurs unexpectedly due to the signal disturbances and noise.

In order to suppress or avoid this noise and signal disturbances, the TSOP series works by using different applications such as an integrator stage, a bandpassfilter, and an automatic gain control. The distinction between a disturbance signal and a data signal can be carried out by reading the burst length, carrier frequency, and the duty cycle.

A gap time after each burst which usually ranges between 10 cycles to 70 cycles for a data signal should necessarily be at the minimum of 14 cycles. For every burst of the data signal which occurs for duration of more than 1. The length of this gap time must be at least equal to the burst length.

In a data signal, approximately short burst can be received every second on a continuous basis. But, the sensitivity in this case is reduced to a specific level where the occurrences of unexpected pulses can happen.

The different disturbance signals, which can be suppressed when TSOP 17xx series is used, are:. DC light which can range from a simple tungsten ball to the more powerful natural resource of sunlight.

The signal which are continuously received at 38kHz or signal received at frequency other than 38kHz. The signals which are received from fluorescent lamps which consist of electronic ballast.

The figure given below shows a sample of how the signal modulation occurs. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! Your email:. Your email address will not be published. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. You'll also like: 1. Dear Friends, 1 Please make sure your comments are related to the article topic, for example a motor related comment should be posted under a motor related post, a battery charger question under a battery charger post, voltage control under power supply article and so forth Thank you for your consideration Search this website.

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TSOP1738 Systems. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

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TSOP1738 IR Receiver Plastic (Through Hole)

Vishay Telefunken. Available types for different carrier frequencies. The TSOP PIN diode and. The demodulated output signal can directly be.

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