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This should. After enlistment or affiliation, the RinC will once. Packet 2: File in the enlisted service record for delivery to Recruit Training Command. The following identifies forms and documents required by recruiting personnel to. DD Form required in all applications where applicant has served more than 90 days of active duty. The date must be valid and in the format of yearmonth-day. Authorized recruiting personnel must sign and attest to the accuracy of the information.

Government and enlisted member. The language used in DD Form 4. Natural capitalization i. Navy active component. To maximize cooperation with civil. Name of applicant. Full name-last all caps , first and middle, maiden name if any, Jr. Refer to. All Navy enlisted accessions must have a five-digit. By clicking on the. Example 2: Member initially enlisted in DEP on and accessed to active duty on.

Item 18m. Enter five-digit program for which enlisted code following the. Retired Temporary Disability Retired List Navy Inductee Navy Medical Inductee Enlisted Volunteer Standby — 1 Federal Key Employees Standby — 2 Navy IRR-not eligible for points or promotion USA Regular USAR Reserve National Guard USAF Regular USCG Regular USMC Regular Returning DEP Male - National Call to Service Program Female - Recruit enlistment USN Female - First enlistment USN, prior other service Female — National Call to Service Program Reenlistment, within three months Bonus Reenlistment, within three months No Bonus Reenlistment, over three months Use only the last calendar years i.

Enter the number of months, in two digits, for which the individual is being ordered to, or. Block 66 must be an alpha character of J, K or L. Allow enough time after notifying school officials to counsel the. Place copies of all correspondence relative to signing of the.

Voter Registration Information on their first visit to the recruiting office. The form. If recruiting personnel, as laymen, could reasonably have been expected. Conducting a thorough medical prescreening before spending recruiting monies. Recruiters and recruiting personnel must. Recruiters and recruiting personnel use. The bonus forms and message and located midway down the page. When documents or forms are handwritten, they must be legible.

When they are typed, they must be as close to letter perfect as they can be, due to the contractual nature of the package. Reproduced documents must be legible. Unless otherwise indicated, the applicant's signature will be in full first name, middle name, last name format.

All certification or witness signatures must be completed at the same time and place as the applicant's signature.

No whiteout or correction tape is authorized on any form used to process an applicant for enlistment or affiliation. For further guidance on proper correction procedures review the governing instruction for that form or document. Emphasis should be placed on reviewing waiver residual kits. This requirement can be delegated to the Executive Officer XO or any commissioned officer holding a Department Head position.

In addition, ten percent or five whichever is the lesser number prior service residual kits processed outside of the Navy Liaison Office must be reviewed each quarter. Initials and dates residuals, assuring discrepancies and corrective actions have been addressed. With the classifier the EPDS will verify program eligibility to ensure applicants meet all moral and medical requirements for program guaranteed.

Training to deficiencies should take place during this process. This information will be used or required to complete all the enlistment documents.

If the applicant appears eligible for a commission, refer the applicant to an officer recruiter. Instructions for completing these forms can be found in article of this Volume.

I certify the reproduced document is a true copy of the original and is provided for military records and reference purposes only. I certify the reproduced document is a true copy of the original and is provided for military records and references purposes only.

Note: Documents relating to dependents such marriage certificate, dependents social security cards, etc. This exhibit is a guide and may be destroyed after accession shipping. The individual who does the quality control of the residual file signs this item. This review must be conducted within one working day of the time the enlistee begins active duty.

The EPDS is ultimately responsible for ensuring the review is conducted. Additional forms or documents may be needed as required. The paper copy of the residual may be destroyed after being transferred to an electronic storage device. Note: In the event that a recruiter receives attainment credit for someone gained outside of their office ie. Also, if the recruiter re-gains an applicant who they still have a previous residual file on, a complete and correct up to date residual file will be maintained.

After enlistment or affiliation, the RinC will once again check the kit for accuracy. This should be done within three working days to ensure timely submission of applicant paperwork to the appropriate Navy Operational Support Center NOSC.

Quality checking a complete review [block by block] of each document, to include program eligibility, approval notes, all waiver possibilities, and rating requirements of all residuals will be documented by the reviewer initialing and dating the enlisted residual envelope, including discrepancies and corrective actions.

Noted discrepancies must be corrected within 30 days. Authority is granted for 90 days from the date of approval. Note 3: Approved for Reduction in Rate.

Ensure an Annex is prepared. Note 6: Reserve for future use. Note 7: Reserved for future use. Disapproved within the past six months. No significant change in application. Returned after dropping off hold list. Returned, dropped off hold at PERS. Returned at NRD request. Returned with no action. Kit exceeded maximum error limits. Not medically qualified.

Orders and any amendments NA 4cy cy cy 2. Social Security Card applicants NA cy cy cy If the SSN is not listed on the document, it must be legibly written on the document.


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