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Embed Size px x x x x Client issues the request for a given URL the browser Server receives the request and returns the document html to the clientBrowser receives the document from the server and renders the document.

Request could be for an html document or could be for some other fileFor server side programs the requests are issued for other file types, like PHP. It will be under your home directory. If the directory folder isnt there you need to create it. If permissions are appropriately set, then you can put php files in this directory and they will be served, by the campus web server. Adding CodeWhen the previous file was requested. The web serving program will get the request, see that it is a php file.

It will examine the file, one line at a time. It copies html statements into the output file. When it encounters php code, it translates them and puts the output if any into the output file. The created output file is returned to the client. It must be a valid html file. In addition, usually well want the source code to be structured well, so youll need to include the appropriate carriage controls.

Carriage Controls. You can also use the print statement, which is a php function, so it returns a value. Normally, this is of little use, so its use is almost identical to echo. PHP CommentsThree ways to indicate a comment in php. Valid variable names start with a letter or underscore, followed by any number of letters, numbers, or underscores, and the name can be any length. Normally, PHP programmers use lower case letters for variable names. Assignment statements are typical. You create constants with the define function, giving it the name of the constant and the value you want to assign.

Dont confuse php by defining constants that are already php key words, like anddefault die foreach function see page 29 in your text. PHP is dynamically typed, the interpreter determines the type of a variable and will change the type as needed. FALSE 0 0. View 63 Download 4 Category Documents. Printing Textecho The echo statement inserts text into the output file. ECHO Echo text. Whats wrong with the above? SV Wacker Burghausen :? Pemrograman Web -? Parkhotel Holzner Brochure Documents.

Exploiting Php With Php Technology. Walt Whitman Quarterly Review -?


Holzner W., Werger M. J. A. et I. Ikusima (eds.): Man’s impact on vegetation

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Chapter 1 - Essential PHP spring into PHP 5 by Steven Holzner

Embed Size px x x x x One Japanese and two European editors have joined forces to present the growing topic of man's impact on vegetation elaborated by 33 authors, mostly well known. The text is subdivided into three parts, each of them freely grouping differently aimed contributions" General aspects of man's impact upon vegetation Part One , Man's impact in the various vegetation zones of the earth Part Two and Long and severely influenced areas: special features of man's impact Part Three. An attract ive ol0ening to the first part is "Man's att i tude towards vegetation" by V. He is concerned with definitions of various degrees of the concept "natura l". From this point he proceeds to the fundamental terms and definitions of this book, to the conception of "vegetat ion" and the evolution of man's att i tude to vegetation from Judaic and Christian tradit ions to recent times.


Building the e-World Ecosystem


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