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A solid start to an interesting fantasy series. Realism is overrated. I like how confident all of the characters are. Getting the same seiyuu who did Tsumugu and Ledo was wise, for he fits the role well.

He even stands firm when the enemy commander is riding over to run him through. Only a naked Vanadis or talk of love are able to fluster him, though hearing that the enemy commander fell in love with you would confuse me too, even if it was a misunderstanding. All the main and secondary character exhibit this kind of confidence. Ellen has it in spades , and the power to back it up. After having read some of the manga to preview this show, I can speak to a limited degree on how well this is being adapted so far.

The answer: pretty well. There have been some suboptimal choices so far, some pacing and reordering problems. For instance, the pace of the opening fight between Tigre and Ellen was wrong. Hitting the horses should have been quick, causing the other horses to panic giving him a shot at the Vanadis while her horse threw her.

It was also too slow, lacking urgency. So it was suboptimal, but not by much. They feel unnecessary, because these ladies would look great no matter what they were wearing. But the scene of Ellen bathing is another matter entirely. To trot out one of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quotes, from his rules for writing a [short] story :. Most fanservice does neither. But this actually revealed character. The biggest question I have is whether or how Tigre will agree to stay with Ellen.

He turned down her offer of being a Count his current title under her, and now his village is under attack by a fellow Bruneman lord. The last four posts: Five movies on a plane , Remarkably lost , What comes first: world, narrative, or characters? Full-length images: 16 , A rare combo for anime in general I guess. My only complaint so far…their full names are a mouthful to say every time..

I hope they calls themselves by their short names next episode onwards. Stilts-senpai, Grisaia anime should be right in your comfy zone then. Just watched it and its a rather decent adaptation I read the VN. Madan is actually based off a old Slavic tale about a king and his 7 wives and is based losely on eastern Europe which is why the the names are a mouthfall.

Going to need a few more episodes to make a call on this, it has an interesting setting, but there are some strange things here like the ridiculous names and the girls outfits that jar with the feudal trappings. Probably not Poland either. Now you have to tell me that Brune has a king and Zhcted an emperor to sell the deal.

No idea personally what either state is based off of, I was just going off what the map shows. Agreed there are worse names elsewhere, but you have to admit some of them here are pretty bad too.

Probably just like simplicity too much. Okay, maybe a touch too much those outfits , but I can let that slide. One more Light Novel series that I like, and this one does the job so much better. At least all characters are done very well, I immediately feel at home. I have such a funny feeling about this. So, I think they did a pretty great job! Still wished they kept a certain part though haha.

Well, depends on how you look at it, for novel readers, you can simply just watch the anime and read the manga as a complement to the novels. What the novel does not provide, the anime and manga can provide the audio and visual. I didnt watch this, because i know is not going to be near as good, as shingeki, what a great first episode, i hope it can keep deliviring, and it will definitely be in my top 3 of the season.

I watched it the other way round but I agree with your sentiment. Probably the fact that this MC uses a bow instead of a sniper rifle…idk any other reason. Blame it on the localization. This show was more entertaining than I thought it would be. They actually seem to be telling a plot between the skimpy clothing and big boobs, and actually manage to have it be of importance to the plot.

The characters have potential, in any case. Three episode-rule will determine it once again. The manga is a bad adaptation they added a ton of fanservice and skiped alot of the plot, for this their was alot of rushing 5 out of 6 chapters of V1 of the LN in 1 eps, how they did this is by removing all world building and the lore as well as a large amounts of the characters interactions as well most of the character development.

Wait, Lim is voiced by Iguchi Yuka? I thought the voice sounded familiar but I never would have guessed Tsukihi-chan! Interesting setting, good atmosphere and well treated characters, I think they are enough to warrant a coverage. I heard there will also be good war strategies and some more interesting moments too, so I think there are a lot of potential in this.

Go, Stilts, cover it, cover it! Some shows will have to go badly for it to rocket to the top of my list, but it was certainly a good first episode. If not for the double Saturday shows it would be a stronger contender. They squeezed too much into one ep as expected. Pacing is indeed a problem too, it was like watching a slideshow since there were no proper build up between scenes.

The battles had no urgency in it like said. There are more to be said, but yea overall this is my opinion on the first ep, others might feel it fine. I will probably give it another ep, but so far it has been nothing but disappointment. A pity since i like the arts and music. I genuinely thought this was the worst show that aired this season so far. This guy is a soldier and the first thing he does while captured is try to save the person who captured him and killed his countrymen, then somehow with an indirect shot from a bow hit a guy running in the foot.

War was a little different in the past. Ya, no arguments here I wont stick around just so I can be mad on the Internet and say more negative things, I decided that since this was the first ep it was was a good place to post my opinion. Not bad, I enjoyed it. But there was something about it the drew me into the characters. First, some disclosure. Read all the LNs and I like this series quite a bit.

Very much looking forward to vol. Pacing i. Something has to give and IMO it did. The vast majority of that was cut. Still, I can already see where some anime-only viewers may have issues with upcoming events.

Sorry, but I found that jarring and utterly character inconsistent — just terrible really. NOT happy that the anime is mucking around with the characters because… why exactly?

I like the fact that relationships in this series naturally develop over time. Perhaps end with LN vol. While the ending point may not have been fully satisfying, having read the LNs, I thought Blade Dance was a good, reasonably inclusive and faithful adaptation with the storytelling benefitting from sufficient time given. Which is truly more important — the ending point or the quality of the story told?

In conclusion, Ep. IMO the source material is a lot better than this. I think such detail adds richness and depth to stories which is a hallmark of well told tales. They intended to cover Vol 1 in 75 min, from vol 2 to vol 6, 50 min per. So ugh , prepare for tears my friend. Bloody 6 LN volumes in 13 episodes!? I feel sorry for the LN author. BTW, wondering where you got that info not doubting you, just curious. And i really doubt a horrible adaption can boost the LN sales.

True — totally agree with you. Make a GOOD adaptation and increased interest in the series will naturally occur. Hell, by adapting less e. Shame if so. I really do like this series.


Madan Lal Dhingra memorial to be a reality

A solid start to an interesting fantasy series. Realism is overrated. I like how confident all of the characters are. Getting the same seiyuu who did Tsumugu and Ledo was wise, for he fits the role well.



Updated : 1 year ago. Six years after the demolition of the house of freedom fighter Madan Lal Dhingra, who was executed in London in , the Capt Amarinder Singh government has decided to construct a memorial at the place. After the state government gave its nod to raise a national monument at the birth place of Shaheed Madan Lal Dhingra, the Municipal Corporation MC has initiated the process to procure the land. The buyer of the house had demolished the original structure in The martyr was born here on February 18, The demand to convert his house into a museum has been taken up with higher officials since then. MC Commissioner Sonali Giri said the civic body was asked to ascertain the market price of square yard plot where once the house of the freedom fighter stood.


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