Prior to going out of business in , Lifegear manufactured nine models of inversion tables. Using an inversion table involves tilting your body at an inverted angle using a specialized teetering table. Lifegear inversion table model no. It is easy to use with a few simple instructions to get started.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. No specific health claims are made or implied as they relate to the. Measurements made by the equipment are believed to be accurate, but only the measurements of. Read all instructions carefully before using this product. Retain this owner's manual for future reference. Instructions for assembly, including correct fitting of guards and other device, and warnings about the likely.

Walkease officer programmable motorized treadmill 26 pages. CAUTION: Exercise of a strenuous nature, as is customarily done on this equipment, should not be undertaken without first consulting a physician. However, certain precautions apply whenever you operate the exercise equipment. Be sure to read the entire manual before assembling and operating this equipment. Also, please note the following safety instructions: 1.

Pull the Front and Rear U-Frames 1, 2 as far apart from each others as possible. Slide one Protective Cover 37 on to each side of the base as shown, and pull down on the Protective Covers 37 until the bottom of the covers are slightly lower than the Left and Right Folding Arms 8L, 8R. Page 10 STEP 3: Slide the bottom of the Pivot Arms 5 into the brackets that located at each side of the Bed Frame 4 , align to the desired hole on the arm with the peg on the bracket.

Insert the peg into the hole to lock the Pivot Arms 5 in place. Slide the Adjustable Boom 3 upward until the desired height on the Height Scale 44 is just below the bracket on the bed frame. Now, loop the strap back over itself, and insert back through the Strap Lock 34 , and pull tight to secure.

Make sure the pivot arm is inserted all the The pivot arm is not inserted all the way into the slot. Pivot arm is aligned correctly way into the curved slot. This strap can be adjusted to different lengths to allow for a greater or lesser degree of inversion. To lengthen the Nylon Strap 32 feed the top end of Nylon Strap 32 into the strap lock, and pull on the lower end of the strap. To adjust the Pivot Arms 5 simply pull out on them until the post is out of the hole, slide them up or down to the desired hole, push in until the post goes through the desired hole.

Stand on the Foot Bar 39 located at the bottom of the Adjustable Boom 3. It responds to very slight changes in weight distribution. So, it is very important to make sure that the height is adjusted properly. To do this, mount the inversion table, lock your ankles into the rubber heel holders, and lie back with your hands at your sides.

Stay inverted only as long as you are comfortable. Return upright slowly. Make gradual changes: increase the angle only if it is comfortable. Increase angle only a few degrees at a time. Do the entire program at least two to three times a week, resting for a day between workouts. After several months you can increase your workouts to four or five times per week. Reach your right arm as far toward the ceiling as you can for one count.

Repeat this action with your left arm. Reach as far as you can and hold for 15 counts. Rest the sole of your left foot against your right inner thigh. Print page 1 Print document 26 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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