Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation. Table of Contents. Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are. Page 2 XXX Page 4 Improvements or changes in the products or the programs described may be made at any time.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation. Table of Contents. Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are. Page 2 XXX Page 4 Improvements or changes in the products or the programs described may be made at any time. Comments may be addressed to Lexmark International, Inc. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

Page 6 How to use this parts catalog Page 7: Notices And Safety Information , Notices and safety information The following laser notice labels may be affixed to this printer as shown: Laser notice The printer is certified in the U. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. Unplug the product before you begin, or use caution if the product must receive power in order to perform the task.

Page General Information , 1. This book contains information on En and Edn. For information on Edn, see the service manual. Page Types Of Print Media 24 envelopes. Use envelopes that lay flat when individually placed on a table face-down. The distance of any edge or corner from the table should be less than 3 mm. This refers to paper only.

Treeing may occur on 16 paper. Page Diagnostic Information , 2. This is a precaution for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. This chapter contains the codes and diagnostic tools to aid in providing corrective action for a malfunctioning printer.

Note: If data is sent to the printer and all lights flash immediately, and double-clicking does not change the display, there may be a code problem. Contact the next level of support. After resolving the problem, turn off the printer to exit Hex Trace. Wait for the message to clear. Page Not Ready , Waiting Meaning The printer is waiting until a print timeout occurs, or until it receives additional data. Any active print jobs are canceled.

A user default setting remains in effect until it is changed or has restored the factory default settings. Action Wait for the message to clear. Page Toner Low , Load print media Meaning The printer is out of print media at the indicated source. Load manual feeder Meaning The printer prompts to load a single sheet of print media in the manual feeder.

Page 32 The photoconductor kit is full and must be replaced. The printer will not print any more pages until the photoconductor kit is replaced. When the printer has finished programming the code, it performs a soft reset. Page 37 , When the Error and Continue lights are both on, a printer error has occurred with a secondary code.

Press and release Continue twice quickly to display the secondary error code light sequence. The following table shows what these light sequences mean and where to go for help. Secondary light sequences printer errors Printer Condition Page Page Secondary Error Codes A paper jam has occurred. The jammed media is most likely in the fuser area under the toner cartridge assembly.

Action Clear the paper jam. Paper jams as a printed job exits the printer Meaning A paper jam has occurred as the print media is exiting the printer. Page 39 , Paper jam in the sheet tray Meaning A paper jam has occurred in the sheet tray. Paper jam in the sheet drawer Meaning A paper jam has occurred in the sheet drawer.

Page 40 Remove the tray, open the duplex door and clear the paper jam. Paper may also be inside the rear door. Page Complex Page , Complex page Meaning The page may not print correctly because the print information on the page is too complex that is, too large for the printer memory. Page Network Interface Errors The printer does not have enough memory to save the data in the buffer. Invalid engine code Meaning The engine code has not been programmed, or the programmed code is not valid.

Action Download the valid engine code to the internal print server. Too many options attached Meaning This message refers to too many flash options. Action Press Continue briefly to clear the message. Action Power off the printer and remove the unsupported option Service codes All service errors are indicated by all lights flashing as the primary notification or code.

The secondary light pattern indicates an area or function which has the error. Page 49 , Service tertiary error codes Service tertiary error codes Service error codes are generally non-recoverable except in an intermittent condition when POR power-on reset is performed which allows the printer to temporarily recover from the error. Note: All service errors are initially communicated by all lights flashing which is the primary indication or code.

For brevity, this indication is not repeated in the following codes. Check cables to the printhead. Replace the printhead as necessary. Codes and indicate a problem in the drive system motor. Code indicates a communication failure between the RIP and engine processors. See The printer operator panel displays light patterns describing the current state of the printer and indicates possible printer problems that must be resolved. Page 54 Timeout on data collection during auto alignment Page 55 , Paper jam error codes Continued Error Description Also known as internal jam.

Page 56 Second pick from manual feeder, tray 1, or feeder failed when media was in the source while the other sheets were committed to the paper path. Page Service Error Codes , Service error codes Service error codes are generally non-recoverable except in an intermittent condition when POR is performed and the printer can temporarily recover from the error condition.

Service error codes 9xx Error Description Engine software service errors Page 58 Printhead sweep error, fwd and rev capture times differ by too much Page 59 , Service error codes 9xx Continued Error Description For example, a missing toner cartridge will prevent POST from completing. Note: When making voltage readings, always use frame ground unless another ground is specified.

See the wiring diagram in the back of the book for more information. Settings are lost page , or replace the controller card. Page Operator Panel Service Check , Operator panel service check Inspect the operator panel cable for damage. Make sure the cable is plugged in securely. Replace controller card as necessary.

If tires are new, try reversing each on its hub. Paper feed pick tires tray 2 Tray 1 Check side guides on Tray 1 and Tray 2. Guides set for a full stack of media Tray 2 option may be too wide when the stack is short.

Try a different toner cartridge and PC kit. Page Black Page , Black page Note: Incorrect laser exposure or incorrect charging of the photoconductor causes an all black page. Always verify the same results from a different toner cartridge assembly and developer before proceeding.

Action Toner electrodes not a Check the three rearward electrodes below the toner cartridge assembly for contamination FRU or damage. Try changing the setting to heavier paper or even card stock.

Check the media settings in the printer driver. If the problem continues, install a new toner cartridge. Recheck condition before replacing PC Kit, if necessary. If the lines are parallel and match the two intended ghost images, the Form Type may be incorrectly set. Check those settings. The PC cleaner sump may be full. Replace the PC kit. Replace the fuser. If special media is being used, such as card stock or labels, be sure to select the correct media type.

Page Diagnostic Aids , 3. Diagnostic aids Accessing service menus Enter Configuration Menu 1. Turn off the printer.


Lexmark E250dn

Edition: July 2, Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc. The following paragraph does not apply to any country where such provisions are inconsistent with local law :. Some states do not allow disclaimer of express or implied warranties in certain transactions; ther efore, this statement may not apply to you.


Lexmark E250d Instructions Manual


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