Dear All, I have a book of a chess problems by Laszlo Polgar. Since day 1 when I got the book I was wondering the web for a place with all the problems that can be solved on a digital board but never found such a place. I am ready to create one like that by myself with the support of community. I have tried to do so in lichess, but no luck so far since it is one problem per chapter which means I have to create chapters dunno if lichess event lets to do so. Any of you know other place where I can do that?

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I have just seen a notice on Amazon that this book is being re-released in paperback on August 13th of this year. It is pretty exciting, as it is very expensive to purchase in any current form. At least, I haven't found it anywhere. I don't know. I've never had the opportunity to look at it. I have seen a version in Chinese, but, well, it was Greek to me. With the online tactics training available, the book is a dinosaur. Polgar's book was expensive and not very useful, except as a resource for mate in 2 and mate in 3 puzzles.

I have it, and I spent a lot of mornings using it about ten years ago. I went through all of the mate in ones, and about of the mate in twos. It also has mate in threes, and a nice appendix of Polgar sister's early games arranged by attacking motif. Most interesting about this book is the authorship. Susan has been reported as claiming it is her work, but that her father's name was recorded as the author because she was still a minor when the book was first published.

I like Polgar's You get a lot of good puzzles for cheap. I don't know why everyone is saying that it is expensive. When I saw the huge book in the discount area near the cash registers I bought it along with the jazz CDs I was buying. I never saw the paper back but the hardcover is nice, cheap and loaded with puzzles. Of course now you can just go online to any one of a dozen sites and work on puzzles but back in the day you couldn't, I still use mine daily.

If you work all day in front of a computer, it is nice to just kick back with the big Polgar book on the couch and give your eyes a break from the retina burn from staring at backlight monitors and tablets.

I stand corrected, it will be hardcover, according to Amazon. Free shipping if you have prime. I'm not finding it for sale anywhere else, except at high prices that I won't pay. I don't have the premium membership here, so TT is quite limited. Also, I am a book person. I will likely get it. Is it really only mate in 2's and mate in 3's? Are there no other types of puzzles? It's a good book, and I'm pretty sure my play improved a lot after doing most of the puzzles.

The only thing I disliked about it was that some of the puzzle positions were already clearly winning whatever you played :P but overall I found it very useful. That comes out to about a penny a problem, plus you get the solutions for free, but i didn't think it was worth it. I'll have to look again when i get the chance. I might have mixed up the price i saw in person and one i saw more recently online. I bought the book for about five dollars three or four years ago used paperback.

I wouldn't pay more than ten today. It's not that the book doesn't have value. There are just better tactics books available that aren't as expensive. I agree, this book is perfect if you want to get checkmates mate in one, two, three, etc into your brain by doing puzzles. If you are looking for a general tactics book then you should look elsewhere.

Btw, there is another option. This book is available at my public library for free. It may be available at yours too. Mar 10, 1. Mar 10, 2. I didn't think it was that good. Mar 10, 3. Mar 10, 4. If ya got girl problems, I fill bad for ya son, I got 99 problems, but Polgar's problems ain't one. Mar 11, 5.

It's just Tactics Trainer for mate-in-twos. It really doesn't teach anyone chess. Mar 11, 6. Agreed, Dr. Mar 11, 7. Mar 11, 8. Mar 11, 9. You can use it for lateral raises if you don't have the weights. Mar 11, I like to read chess books for the pictures! Mar 12, The title of the thread asks for a Jay-Z quote.. Marsalone wrote: I like Polgar's SmyslovFan wrote: It's not that the book doesn't have value. Log In or Join. Hot Topics. Top Tips For playing Bullet Chess?

Does anyone have any tips to play positionally? Rat 6 min ago. Super rare fully working uk mb phantom chess computer vinchenzzo 11 min ago. So this is how they lock topics adrtt7yuhh 12 min ago. Mark all topics as READ.


Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

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László Polgár

Judit is widely considered to be the greatest female chess player ever as she is the only woman to have been ranked in the top 10 worldwide, while Susan became the Women's World Chess Champion. He has written well-known chess books such as Chess: Problems, Combinations, and Games and Reform Chess , a survey of chess variants. He is also considered a pioneer theorist in child-rearing, who believes "geniuses are made, not born". Frankenstein" and viewed by his admirers as "a Houdini", noted Peter Maas in the Washington Post in He later recalled that "when I looked at the life stories of geniuses" during his student years, "I found the same thing They all started at a very young age and studied intensively.


Polgar's 5334 Problems

I have just seen a notice on Amazon that this book is being re-released in paperback on August 13th of this year. It is pretty exciting, as it is very expensive to purchase in any current form. At least, I haven't found it anywhere. I don't know.

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