Xby Kenton KnepperX contains over a dozen extremely strong, yet very easy-to-do effects from Kenton.. Two cards are freely chosen. The performer cl.. Volume Two Kontrol Kard - Imagine a playing card that can become a double- face, double-back, l..

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Posted: Feb 20, am. I was after an indepth review of perfectred prediction. I have Glass Box prediction by devin knight but have not performed it yet. I have read the ads of the perfected prediction and I feel they might be misleading Can anyone pleas post a honest review?? Regards Christopher. Be Entertained I am also interested to hear a review.

It might see a little more action. Posted: Mar 10, am. I have this. There is one thing for sure. Two methods are explained. One includes a switch, the other does not.

This is probably left out of the add. If you switch, they can keep it. However, all the Kentonism's probably are worth the price alone anyways. That's all for now. Out from here. MSgt B. Posted: Mar 12, am. They bring their own letterhead. They may emboss something more on their own letterhead too or have a notary do so. The people all legitimate - no one is in on it sign the paper, draw doodles on it and so on to ensure the paper cannot be switched.

They can add stickers, etc. You write with a marking pen your predictions on top of these signatures for contrast. You flash what you have written, but obviously do not let the people see exactly what you have predicted yet. This same paper is sealed in an envelope. During the show some of the people who signed the prediction come forward with the envelope.

They open the prediction themselves. No funny business opening up the prediction. The people agree that this is the original paper with their original signatures it really is and they read your predictions written in marker on this very page - just like they saw you do from the start.

No sleight of hand. No switches required. No stooges. No forces. The audience and committee are entirely fooled. The paper you and they write on originally is the same paper they read and open in the show. There is a little secret something needed that can be bought for one or two dollars. This is easy to obtain and it combined with all the details in the manuscript make for the Ultimate and Perfected Prediction.

First of all, I am not a mentalist, but I love Knepperism. If they keep it, you need to switch. That is the only thing I see misleading in the add. Posted: Apr 9, pm. Posted: Apr 10, am. I'm a big fan of headline predictions and this may be the best one I've come across.

They all seem to have some discrepancy or there's an awkward move. This is a workable effect. As has already been mentioned, no method is given for a switch if you choose to go that way. If you've been around mentalism for long you can probably come up with a way to do that pretty quickly.

I personally feel the effect wouldn't be nearly as strong without a switch. When I say switch, I don't mean the paper is replaced with another for the revelation. It really is the actual sheet that the company execs signed. You just should take it away with you and bring it back later as is the case with several HPs. The description is accurate as far as it goes.

Any detailed review would re-hash the write-up. I know it sounds too good to be true but that really is the way it looks to an audience - including the company representatives. No instant stooges or mind-altering drugs. In all honesty - the routine is dead easy except for the switch. They can keep the paper afterwards and there won't be anything to find. Your predictions can be as detailed or as vague as you want. I prefer being a little vague so as to avoid questions like "Why haven't you won the lottery?

I hope this helps. I haven't performed it yet, but it is an absolutely unique, and ingenious, method that I wasn't aware of. The main thing to keep in mind is that it depends on the passage of some time, generally about a week to two weeks, so you'd want to do the prediction publicly at least that amount of time in advance of the unsealing of the envelope. Although there is a way you could do it in the same day, it might not work as well. Personally, I love it! I especially love that you can do it under conditions just as the ad states: you can have several specs sign and mark the paper however they want, you can even turn the paper around briefly and flash your written prediction to them before sealing it in the envelope.

Kenton gives you two methods of doing the effect, one with a switch, and one without. Please note that BOTH of them are equally powerful -- it's not like one is somehow better than the other.

It simply depends on how YOU want to do it. Also, there are no stooges for any effect in this manuscript. While this one does NOT use the methodology of the PP, it is a nearly impromptu envelope prediction that can be done on the spur of the moment, while making it strongly appear to everyone that the envelope has been securely guarded and impossible to tamper with. It is brilliant! It doesn't matter what the Post Office puts on the envelope, since you will be replacing it with a NEW envelope.

Please note: the mail gambit is simply one other terrific possibility Kenton describes, but it isn't necessary to either of the two versions of PP. Finally, Kenton describes several other routines you can do with the PP methodology. These aren't predictions, but are quite charming, simple, and have a more "bizarre" flavor. I believe these are expansions of routines from his book Weerd Enough, which I don't have. I say you can't beat that! Quote: On , doiron wrote: This is a workable effect.

You're probably right. It's been a while since I looked at the routine. I probably thought that the method suggested was weaker than the effect deserved. I've come up with a method that works better for me and doesn't seem to arouse suspicion. I have to repeat, though, that I feel the switch is very important. I think that the audience will suspect something - they probably won't know what - but that something is suspicious if you keep the prediction yourself.

We may as well close off all blatant avenues from them. I'm sure we've all heard ridiculous explanations for tricks that are way off the mark.

The problem is that if an audience member truly believes he or she knows the secret, it doesn't matter if they're right or not. They'll be equally smug about it either way and will broadcast it to their friends. Since we can switch the letter, why not do it and circumvent the whole problem. Posted: May 5, am. I just wanted to give it one more big thumbs up. It offers a variety of handlings and methods for different situations including the one-to-one postal effect.

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned Knepper's wonderful psychology! Go on - treat yourself!! MOJave New user 95 Posts. Regards Christopher Be Entertained


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