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Search inside document. Cursor Hairline Recovery Coefficient 1. Each figure on the outer scales of the computer can stand for any number com taining the given digits.

Mi Given: Distance, Mi, Time. S10 kts, nut. Simply pls stead of miles on the outside scale and tine 0 Gallons per hous instead of miles per hour will be read opposite the time index IEU. S, gallons of gasoline in 1 hr An aiveral 30 min. It would also have been possible to match the STATUTE arrow on the outside scale with the NAUTICAL arrow on the inside scale, reading statute miles on the outside seale and nautical miles on the Use the same method for all other quamtity conversions, Simply match the arrows for the desired quantities, When convert Lities, the Following 1 only one thod may be p tity instead of a series of quan red: 6 Example Convert 40 nautical miles to statute miles.

It may not be used to convert between feet and meters or pounds and kilograms because all arrows for the latter conversions are on opposite seales Celsius - Fahrenheit A temperature conversion scale is located on the calculator side of the CR. Read temperature conversions directly from this scale. That is no trouble at all. The CR makes the conversion by lining up the meters arrow near 44 on the inner seale and the feet arrow near 14 on the outer seale.

This sels up the correct proportion of feet and meters. Then, all values on the inner scale represent meters and those on the outer scale represent corresponding values in feet. Place meters arrow opposite Fi, arrow on outside scale, Fa? Example Find weight of 18 U. GAL, arrow on the inside scale and proceed.

S, gal. Place time index A. It is the actual height of the aircraft above sea level Pressure Altitude is the reading on the altimeter when it is set to Pressure altitude is an important factor for determin.

Aire altitude. Edward Rehr. Santosh Sah. Paul McLennan. Guillermo Marcelo Flores. Haris Jeelani. Sean Stephenson. Jose Marcio Ferreira Souza.

Devarshee Jani. Arturo Canalda. Gustavo Holderbaum. Popular in Computing. Ivan Ernesto Milla. Lazzarus Az Gunawan. Hendra Akhirul Putra. Mgc Elektronik.

Jayesh Chavda. Ae Romalliv Es. Sunny Jam. Chua Hian Koon. Sanjiv Gautam. Carlo P. Francine Johnson. Vijay Kumar Reddy.


CR-3 / CPU-26

Younger pilots may have never seen a circular "Computer" but in fact these circular slide rules with wind graphs were indeed called computers in the days when an electronic computer was something to be feared in a science fiction film. I still keep one in my bag and it does, now and then, come in handy. So, in case you've ever wondered, here is a primer on how to use either the military CPU or the civilian Jeppesen CR Who invents this stuff? Philip Dalton - The Lost Navigator.




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