All the parts of the X30 engines are manufactured by latest generation numerical control machining centers, this translates into an extreme accuracy of the sensitive dimensions. IAME high quality standards guarantee the Drivers with the zeroing of any performance difference among the engines and with the absolute certainty of competing on the track on equal terms with all opponents. The engines of the X30 range are popular in more than 30 countries, only for some of them there are slight variations of equipment related to the specific requirements of the national sports authorities. However, at international events involving drivers from around the world using the X30 engines in one configuration, the performance differences are clearly imperceptible. Thanks to the uniformity, consistency and high level of performance of all X30 engines, from the small 60cc X30 Swift Water up to the ultra high performance X30 Super Shifter, Drivers and mechanics can focus all available resources on the set up of the vehicle, the physical preparation, driving skills improvement and on the strategy to be winning over the opponents. Karting is the Motorsport discipline that comes closest to the driving sensations of the powerful F1 cars.

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Derived from the Water Swift, the X30 Water Shift 60cc engine adopts a traditional axle-driven water pump. The proven architecture of the IAME Mini Swift engines coupled with water-cooling guarantees stable performance and reliability. The best selling X30 is the most successful blend of innovation and tradition. Offering modern features such as an electric starter, balancer shaft and water-cooling, while preserving traditional specifications that include the diaphragm carburetor and the absence of the power valve.

The result: an engine that is fun to drive, easy to use and long lasting. Pure karting! The X30 Shifter is fun to drive, with the typical features required in stock classes: consistent performance, reliability, ease of use.

The X30 Codasur is specifically engineered around the needs of the highly demanding South American drivers. The engine combines a traditional Karting architecture with the latest Racing technology. The big displacement provides infinite torque and a very progressive curve. The impressive power of this racing machine is transferred through direct drive transmission to the rear wheels for the most thrilling and challenging driving experience.

A decompression valve installed on the cylinder head provides easy starts in any condition and the counterbalance shaft dramatically reduces vibrations for a smoother and sharper drive. With rev. The X30 Super will satisfy the most demanding and talented drivers around the world! The X30 Super Shifter is the natural evolution of the X30 Shifter, providing the ultimate driving experience by showcasing a displacement of cc.

The ideal solution for all drivers wishing to race a shifter engine at the highest level of competition with the benefits of an electric starter. The X30 Super Shifter combines the performance of the very best KZ engines with the typical features required in single engine classes: equal performance, reliability, consistency and ease of use.

The X30 Super Shifter Spec. US is specifi cally engineered around the needs of the American shifter-kart drivers, providing the ultimate driving experience by showcasing a displacement of cc. The ideal solution for all drivers wishing to race a top level shifter engine with the benefi ts and the features of stock class engines. Provided with the new specifi cally developed Tillotson HBA diaphragm carburettor, an absolute innovation on shifter-kart engines and manufactured with enhanced components to increase longevity and reduce service costs, this untamable beast is ready to tear the asphalt apart.

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