Every Sunday, across the world, Christians share an agreed three year cycle of Bible Readings in Sunday worship, this is called the Common Lectionary. We offer materials including prayers bible study and worship resources for each one of these Sunday's via our Lectionary Bible Notes Section. Listen to some people talk about God and you might be excused for thinking that they had just met him on the bus. They seem to know everything about God and you might think that you are really stupid. Well take comfort from the opening scripture in our bible notes today from Isaiah Chapter

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To learn more about the United Methodist Church, these online resources are available links will open new tabs :. Their mission is to provide readers with news, features, and commentary about United Methodism that affects the person in the pew. They strive to tell stories of faith that encourage United Methodists as well as challenge them to consider their role in the denominational connection and the larger community of faith.

Not all United Methodists think alike; therefore, The United Methodist Reporter does not seek to present any particular agenda but instead strives for a balanced presentation of issues that are of interest to a diverse audience. GBOD has embarked upon an integrated, strategic direction that serves the church with continuity, based upon basic values and mission. Infoserv — The official information service of the United Methodist Church. Pockets — a children's devotional magazine by The Upper Room Ministries.

A video series on developing personal or group spiritual practices:. Mount Horeb Area Food Pantry. Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce. Mount Horeb Historical Society. Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous. Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. Stay Connected.


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