FBL helps its customers grow from strength to strength by acting as. Faysal Bank's treasury team strives to satisfy the customer's financial needs in a timely and a. Whether the customers require financing of a project or. To suit customer needs, FBL has extended its banking hours on.

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FBL helps its customers grow from strength to strength by acting as. Faysal Bank's treasury team strives to satisfy the customer's financial needs in a timely and a. Whether the customers require financing of a project or.

To suit customer needs, FBL has extended its banking hours on. This is the most important thing in the cheque clearing. In FBL new garden. The realized cheques on collection are also kept in separate file called as.

The account opening set contains the. Particulars are entered in the cheque book issuance. Only receiving money option is there. My internship experience has given me a realistic preview of my field of education. Now I. I realize my potentials, I have realized that earning money is not so easy after all, it takes a lot.

Years Cash Balance with other Banks Lending to Fin. Institutions Other Assets Operating Fixed Assets Bills Payable Borrowings from Fin. Liabilities against assets subject to financial lease Other Liabilities Balance With Other Banks 2. Lending To Financial Institutions 5. Investment Advances Operating Fixed Assets 1. Deferred Tax Assets-Net 0. Other Assets 1. Bill Payable 1. Borrowing From Financial Institutions 7.

Deposits And Other Accounts Sub-Ordinate Loans 0. Deferred Tax Liabilities-Net 1. Other Liabilities 4. Total Liabilities Share Capital 3. Reserves 2. Inappropriate Profit 1. Minority Interest 0. Balance With Other Banks Lending To Financial Institutions Total Assets Borrowing From Financial Institutions Share Capital Reserves Unappropriated Profit Surplus On Revaluation Of Assets Total Liabilities And Equity Fee, Commission And Brokerage Divided Income Other Income Total Income: Gross Profit Administrative Expenses Provision Against Non Performing Loans Bad Debts Written Off Directly - 67 Other Charges Total Operating Expenses Profit Before Tax Less: Tax Profit After Tax Interpretation: Current ratio is used to assess the short term debt paying ability of the firm.

FBL in starting was not good in paying its short term debt but now in it is very good in short term paying ability. Its reason is FBL now have much focus on deposits and reserves, now they can. Year Quick acid test ratio 1. It is more liquid ratio than current ratio. Here the result of current ratio and Acid test ratio is almost same because the reason is that FBL has no inventory so, the result of both ratios are same.

Cash Ratio 0. A high cash ratio indicates that the firm is not using its cash in a better way. While the cash ratio which is too low could indicate an immediate problem with paying bills. The cash ratio of FBL in and in is remain stable.

Working capital Rs 1 22 4 30 Interpretation: It is also used to indicate the short term solvency of the business. The higher the ratio the better the position of company in debt paying. The working capital ratio of FBL is sharply increases every year from to because its liabilities are decreases. Interpretation: This ratio is used to measure the profit return on sales. It is used to measure net income generated by each rupee of sale.

The higher the ratio the better the company in profitability. The ratio of FBL is going to decrease from to ; this thing indicates that FBL is not in position in profitability. Interpretation: It is also called firms return on investment ROI. It measures the overall effectiveness of management in generating profit with its available assets.

This show that FBL is not in good in profitability. This ratio measure both common and preferred shareholders. Higher this ratio, more effective the firm is. Return on total asset ratio of FBL shows decreasing trend. Return on common equity Interpretation: It measures the return only to the common shareholders.

The Return on equity of FBL is decreasing in and in Its mean that the profit by using common equity is decreasing. The lower the ratio the better the company position in long term liability. Interpretation: It also tells that creditors are protected in case of insolvency.

The lower the ratio the better the company's debt position. The outsider's proportion in total equity is decreasing each year in previous 5 years but it is still very bad for FBL because its proportion is so high. Interpretation: It represents the number of rupee earned on behalf of each outstanding share of common stock. The graph shows the decreasing trend in and in while in the ratio is high but after that decreases.


Internship Report On Faysal Bank Limited By Naeem Ahmed

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Dear Students! Add Discussion. This is a mode of sale and purchase of commodities. The agreement is made between the Bank and a Customer, whereby Bank purchases a commodity and sells the same to Customer on a deferred payment basis. The essential features of the Morabaha are:.

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