KKASHO, Japan — With its turquoise-striped walls and massive steel cooling towers, the new industrial complex rising from bluffs above the Pacific Ocean looks like it might produce consumer electronics. In theory, the plutonium is capable of providing the fuel for a huge nuclear arsenal, in a country that protects its nuclear plants with unarmed guards and has resisted U. Already, Japan has 9. The figure includes pounds of high-grade plutonium, the kind preferred by weapons designers, that Japan has agreed to send to the United States.

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But the thing we need to do is a dignity standing. HDP spokes person Osman Baydemir stated that hundreds thousand people who attended Newroz opened the way that goes to peace and freedom.

Numbers representatives of politic parties, NGOs took place in the protocol to attend the Newroz Celebration. The event began with stand in silence for commemoration of all who lost their life for freedom and peace. But every period Kurd beat to all of them with significant resistance. People of Kurdistan!

All world knows that how we have love for freedom, hope and peace. And we are conducting our congress now with people of Amed. Kurd paid heavy price for years to celebrate this day. We lost many friends to celebrate this day.

Kurds never bowed in front of cruelty and never will. They are making mistaken. Because oppressions never worked in any periods.

Half century war continued in Colombia. Over hundred thousand people lost their life but problem was resolved with peace negotiation. Same in South Africa. Because there is no other way. There is a referendum on April 16 after this Newroz.

All asks what Kurds are going to vote. Referendum is not only important for Kurds but also for all peoples in Turkey. But there is a special meaning for Kurds. Today our co-chairs are in dungeon. But they sacrificed the peace to general election.

They sacrificed the peace to their position, to their own future. View More Articles. Kiliseler kaderine terk edildi. Tarihi su kemeri kaderine terk edildi. Hukukta hakikati savundular. Hakkarililer: Hepimizi alsalar bile Bi hunera xwe ruh dide daran. Dolar 3. Assyrians Church transforms to Culture Center. Almanya'da Selefilere operasyon. Anayasa taslak metni MHP'ye iletildi.

We will act upon the truth not the sealing : Boltan. VAKAD erkek egemen sistemin hedefindeydi. Metin Kaplan tahliye edildi. Edirne Film Festivali ertelendi. Police detains Van Municipality co-mayor Bekir Kaya. Trustees appoint to Mardin, Van and Siirt Municipalities. Doza Aydogan hat taloqkirin.

Kayyum protestoyla geldi protestoyla gitti. Yuksek hat berdan. Renginiya 13 salan hat mohrkirin! Van Municipality co-mayor Bekir Kaya arrests. Three killed in a cooper mine landslide in Siirt. The dream becomes true with appointing trustee. Austrian Deputies were precluded to visit imprisoned deputies of HDP. We will keep to work: Closed Associations. A refugee baby 3-months old dies by starvation. Mirov li Tirkiye zarok be European may not be just concern but also act: Kaye.

International companies withdraw from Turkey Market. Baz istasyonuna isyan. Search warrant receives after three days the raiding. Ferhan Turk hat girtin. A new Decree issues as part of State of Emergence. Armenian Village Germush becomes the center of treasure hunters. AKP withdraws the proposed on underage marriage.

Madende gazetecilere engel: Bakana soru sorulmayacak. You will not ask question to the Minister : Siirt Governership. Do not withdraw, Cancel it! Hediye Ataman's Burnt body was buried. Dozger biryara demboriya doza Hasan Ocak da. Education right of imprisoned Students revokes by last Decree. Dolar yeniden 3. Trustee closed the way with Iron door. Destur nedan daxuyaniya kedkaran. She went to the first trial with "criminal evidence" and had acquitted.

Explosion in Adana. Bitlis co-mayors detain by police forces. Ahmet Turk hat girtin. Necmiye Alpay: Ev doz doza Voltaire ye! Avukatlar El Salvador'da 7.

Conflict Begins after the Curfew. Dersim'de askeri hareketlilik. Debara xwe bi elelokan dike. No news about 15 prisoners after they exposed to torture. Half of Municipality Personnel discharge from their office. Malbat di hefteya 'an de li windayan geriyan. Her ev bir cezaevi! Enqaz bi enqaz digerin. Would you draw a picture of your room? Sarp Kuray tahliye edildi. Sarp Kuray hat berdan. Curfew in 5 districts of Nusaybin.

Daxwaza rawestandina darizandina Aydogan hat redkirin. Ji bo qereqolan ava bikin gef li welatiyan dixwin. The Students they said " We will take care of them " had dead. No contact could be established for a woman who detained. Hunermend: Dixwazin noteyan tune bikin. Rojnameger Balaman hat berdan. İmalat sanayi daralmaya devam ediyor. Economy Coordination Council will rally again.

They struggle for life in a tent. A judge of Hrant Dink's Case detains by police. Tek istekleri manevi destek. Goverment's Inspectors tasked with tagging oppositional officials.


Hundred thousands celebrate Newroz in Diyarbakır



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