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Rector :. Prorector :. Nicolae Dobrescu. Universitatea din Craiova Prof. Ligia ION Prof. ISSN VG Kiwifruit, the fruit of XXth Century. Water source management for cu ltivated tomatoes on different substrates in gla sshouse - solarium. Research and preliminary results on coconut substrate coir use to the tomatoes planted in cool greenhouses. Study on lipid composition and energy potential of cardon and artichokes seeds.

Economic efficiency of onion crop as effect of the application of various protection complexes fo r disease and pest control. The accumulation of pigments in the tomatoes fruits. The study of analog variants for ma ting disruption pest, cabbage moth.

Ecological products obtained from plan ts used as pesticides used in vegetables culture Solanaceae Family. Cornelia Atanasiu,. Nicolae Atanasiu.

Mileva Chirica Barbu,. Eleni Balomenou. Alexandra Becherescu. Elena Catana,. Gabriela Neata, Vasilica Zaharachescu. Assessment of accumulation potential of nitrates in leafy vegetables,. Floarea Burnichi. Influence of fertilization treatments on nitrates content of some. Liriomyza trifolii Diptera: Agromyzidae - some morphological. Mirela Cean,. Variability of the main characteristics in a Romanian-French bean. Georgeta Negru,. Napomyza Phytomyza gymnostoma — a new pest of Allium plants in Romania.

Mihaela Coman,. Mirela Cean. The Cropmax ecological biofertilizer influence on the production of solarium grown cucumbers. Viorica Luchian Lagunovschi.

Maria Dinu,. Gabriela Mihaela Bita,. Valeria Ghivercea. Study regarding the influence of soil multch at brocolli culture grown in unwarm greenhouse during september-october period. Preliminary study regarding the effect of fertilizati on with organic fertilizer B5A on early and total crop of tomatoes.

The partial studies regarding the pr oduction of the carrot mother plants with different development stage. The phenophase study of one carrot range for obtaining production seed C. Alexandra Becherescu,. Influence of the methods of crop a rrangement in protected field under the application of modern crop te chnologies on the pr oductive potential of some watermelon hybrids.

Possibilities of growing tomatoes with minimum intervention on the ground. Researches regarding the possibility of reducing the disease attack and pests on tomatoes by protecting the crops with photoselective foils. Mali-Sanda Manole,. Elena Dobrin,. Ruxandra Ciofu. Aurelia Dobrescu,.

OP Batat use for achievement of some food products, with high nutritional value, destined to individuals with gluten intolerance. Technological elements for enhancing sweet corn earliness. Gabriela Lilios,. Contribution for onion seed production te chnology improvement. Comparative study of some Bulgarian tomato cultivars under high plastic tunnels. Florentina Stanciu,. Improved methods of obtaining lettuce and tomato seedlings.

The use of ornamental grasses in designing green spaces. Studies of vegetative multiplication of Aucuba japonica Thunb. Researches regarding the phenology of some allium species and cultivars in the condition of Craiova city. The determination of the decoration period regarding some species and cultivars of Tulip gender. Study of anatomical particularities of foliar limb at succulent flower plants.

Preliminary results regarding cultural behaviour of some peony cultivars. Preliminary results regarding the in vitro initiation and multiplication of Prunus serrulata var. Erzsebet Buta,. Maria Cantor,.

Erszebet Buta,. Mihaela Cristescu,. Doina Anton,. Study of cation exchange regularity in marc grape compost substrate used in some ornamental plants culture. Study regarding the growth and the development of Spathiphyllum walisii L.

Researches regarding the influence of the type and volume of the substratum on the evolution of Anthurium andreanum Lind. Research on planting material production of Petunia hybrida pendula.

Research on the influence of the exposure location setting and the variety of flowering in some species flower. The peculiarities of Picea glauca 'Conica' vegetative propagation from cuttings in plant trays in dependence on the rooting medium.

Roxana Madjar,. Velicica Davidescu. Manda Manuela,. Carmen Nicu,. Doina Anton. Manuela Manda,. Mihaela Petrescu. LA Proposed strategy for the development of an urban design in Astley. Landscape maintenance - Aviatorilor Boulevard — Bucharest assessment of the vegetal components, analys is of the current situation and guidelines setup for a re habilitation strategy.

Research regarding green area pr oblems in the big parking plots. Petrila — it exist life after the mine is closed.

New trends in public urban parks - garden in motion theory. Case study of a rural area in South-Western Dobrogea. Diana Lavinia Culescu. Ana Felicia Iliescu,. Ornamental species used for landscape design in South Korea. Buta Erszebet.

Mathematical models, tables and nomograms to settle the technically optimal rates TOR of N, P 2 O 5 and K 2 O in fruiting apple tree and pear tree on flat and terraced terrains. Mathematical models, tables and nomograms to settle the technically optimal rates TOR of N, P 2 O 5 and K 2 O in fruiting peach tree and apricot tree on flat and terraced terrains. Research concerning sensorial characterization of seven apple types stored in refrigeration and controlled atmosphere conditions, respectively for 7 months.

Studies regarding the influence of some pre and postharvest treatments upon the quality of peach and nectarine fruits. Effect of growth retardants treatment on plums yield and fruit quality. Elements of the specific investment for the promotion in culture of the high density apple tree system.


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