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Moderators: Benj , Mods. Matrix user forums For users to discuss using Matrix products. Skip to content. Quick links. I have checked wiring pinouts code like times eerything seems to be good. If I connect my devices to the rs to adapter and cutecom on the computer it comunicate ok if I connect EB the same way to the computer it comunicate ok but when I connect them together boards to eb nothing happens no matter what I try.

I am wondering if there is any known compatibility issue betveen DS used in eb and all my other rs drivers? Not sure how this bug made it through the sign off process but I will make sure this gets flagged and fixed.

Many thanks for reporting it. No known compatibility issues I am aware of. Do you have access to a scope or anything else you can use to check the signals. One is SP and the other DS same termination. Both using the same flowcode routine sending 0b, 8bit 1stop no parity. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The story is. It all started with using channel one which has that rx2 instead of rx1 so it did not work and after I moved everything to CH2 I forgot to move my data dir pin.

So it does communicate cool but I ran into another problem. I am kind of positive I am missing something but I can not see what it is??? Try adding this to your calculation icon. So if you are manually adding data you need to add your own null to the end of the string to get the length function and others to work correctly. At the same time the problem in your data sheet to check the test. Please update that in the datasheet of the board. Enamul University of Nottingham enamul4mm gmail.


DS75176 RS-485 Driver

Do you have biasing resistors in your circuit as shown here: I don't know if your chip has them built in. If R72 and R75 are really ohm resistors then that is your problem. They are called fail safe biasing resistors and are not technically necessary. Change them 4.


DS75176BN National Semiconductor Ds75176 Rs-422 Rs-485 Transciever IC NOS


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