Tali oscillazioni includono:. Stessa percentuale nei due sessi. Se soffri di depressione potrai avvertire alcuni dei seguenti cambiamenti:. Lo stato maniacale consiste di un estremo senso di benessere, energia e ottimismo. Puoi perfino sentirti offeso se qualcuno cerca di fartelo notare.

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Infatti avrete notato che le diagnosi sono fatte senza alcuna indagine fisica o chimica. Ormai sono decine di anni che seguo le centinaia e centinaia di studi medici per individuare un qualche elemento misurabile. Non c Il nostro cervello non ha nulla di anomalo. Un compito che hanno svolto forse per milioni di anni. Ora siamo rinchiusi e psicofarmacizzati per "correggere" le nostre caratteristiche naturali.

I Veggenti sono schizofrenici con allucinazioni. Il folle ha avuto anche ruoli meno virtuosi, come per esempio il giullare o lo scemo del villaggio. Poi si sono messi in movimento e sono riusciti a liberarsi da questo fardello. Che ruolo ha in natura l'omosessuale? In teoria non si riproducono.

Dunque che senso hanno di esistere in natura? Ebbene anche loro hanno un ruolo. E la natura prevede che esistano per ricoprire ruoli utili al branco. Per i folli bisognerebbe cercare di seguire una traiettoria simile. Jump to.

Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Movimento Italiano Bipolari on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Catia Liberali. Succede anche a voi di svegliarsi la mattina e solo dopo di essere a See More. Massimiliano Catapano Scrittore. Paul Papirio. Ed ora ho solo giorni uguali bende da mummia un'anca sfasciata ed un controllo Inail alle calcagna.

Information about Page Insights Data. Mitico Gazza! Legendary Magpie! La sregolatezza che supera il genio. Un talento cristallino turbato troppo spesso da alcool e problemi p Canzone D'autore. Scritta e cantata purtroppo da me. Base musicale trovata su you tube e si intitola: more love. Ti vorrei donare. Continue Reading. Nel mondo ne soffrono ottocento milioni di persone.

Serve lavorare sulle. Malattie mentali, serve la genetica per capirne le cause. Ma non stanno esagerando troppo con il Bipolarismo nelle serie TV?

Aren't they overreacting with Bipolarismo on TV series? Esiste un legame tra disturbo mentale e malattia fisica. Associazione amici L'Aquila.

Learn More. Madness and comparison with aggressive dog Get an aggressive dog, start saying that " it's not normal ", then even assume he's " sick ", then start studying his organism. Find out that in all probability its aggression also depends on a cocktail of genes, in fact there are more aggressive dog breeds and less aggressive breeds, so genes play a role. Then you discover that it has no altered levels of dopamine or serotonin or any other neurotransmitter, however, trying to administer a neuroleptic, which blocks dopamine, you notice that aggression is reduced, ergo deduct that its neurotransmitters are of fundamental importance in His "disease".

Then you submit him to the investigation of brain images, brain imaging, and discover that certain areas of the brain turn on when the dog growls and is about to attack, as other areas are lit when they dream or when it's enjoying food Good morning. Finally study his history, his education, and discover that other aggressive dogs like him are more or less aggressive based on the education received, so you discover that the story of his life can play an important role.

This is exactly what happens for fools. If you don't feel crazy don't worry, psychiatrists said that "no fool feels crazy", so today is just like then, no one feels like then, even if it is. But now we get to the real core of the problem: functionality and social dysfunctionality. If an aggressive dog is in a pack of wild dogs that is engaging in hunting for some prey dogs very rarely hunt in pack, but in rare cases they do , it's obvious that if the aggressive dog instead of hunting the prey attacks other dogs, it's definitely dysfunctional.

But if dogs are eating and there are dogs that want to take away their food, then dog's aggression is functional, because he defends food by attacking those who want to steal it. So the natural nature of the aggressive dog can be more or less functional depending on the context in which it is in. Insanity is the same, it's a completely natural thing that has its own precise functionality.

In fact, as with the aggressive dog, there was no organic anomaly found. The functionality of the fool, in the past centuries and millennia, was often to act as a way between human and supernatural, whether the supernatural exists or not important, the role of the fool was to make himself believe according to the mental phenomenon him same was crossing. Crazy people were sorcerers, seers, messiah, witches, druids and shamans, other times they were the jesters or the village idiots.

In any case they played very functional roles to the context they were in. Schizophrenics interpreted the future based on the voices they heard and the delirium of persecution they had. Bipolar still today sometimes talk to God in the sense that God speaks to him and in the delirium of greatness they put themselves in the head of saving the world and often feel invested in a mission of fundamental importance to mankind.

Once maybe they were believed more than now. So maybe they became prophets or messiah or sorcerers or healers, for example. So fools had the social functionality of connecting human and supernatural Good morning.

Today, crazy people can often be highly dysfunctional, because the social context has changed, and even the rhythms of life have changed. So fortunately there are drugs, i. But the most terrible thing about psychodrugs, apart from sedation, is the rebound effect, i.

So never abandon your own psychopharmaceuticals, in case you are followed by a doctor, if your doctor assesses that it's possible. Scopri idee per la casa, su ricette e moda su Pinterest. Guarda questa gif su Pinterest! The naturist view of mental disorders There are two prevailing visions in psychiatry regarding mental disorders: organicist or biomedical vision, which involves the existence of organic anomalies to be treated with drugs, and the psychosocial vision that believes that these organic anomalies are not, as it seems to be to date there are no organic examinations of any kind that can allow to arrive at a diagnosis , and that the problem is psychosocial nature, i.

I have a different third view from both of these. The naturist vision. Naturist vision is even more profoundly organicist than organicist or biomedical , I believe that mental disorders are not " normal ", but they are " natural ", i.

In nature fools always existed, and they had different roles, usually provided a connection between human and supernatural. Seers, messiah, prophets, sorcerers, witches, but even the jesters and idiots of the village always existed and held an important task in the social fabric of the various communities they belonged. It's a natural role that had well defined social functionality.

It is also true that psychosocial aspects are important, in fact homozygotic twins have been identified, one with disorder and the other is not. So faced with the same identical DNA, then life's cases can bring out or not cause disorder to emerge. So for me both visions are valid, in fact they often recommend psychotherapy to those with disorder, in addition to fundamental pharmacological therapy. The important point is that depression, mania, delusions and hallucinations are part of human nature, which is why there are no significant organic anomalies to date.

And these natural characteristics lead the individual to enormous problems in today's society. Suicide is perhaps the worst twist, but also the disasters that combine with mania, the disability that happens when voices are too pervasive and often accompanied by delirium of persecution.

All these aspects, although natural and functional, for example, to the shaman to predict future events, or the prophet to predict the arrival on earth of extraterrestrials, or to the depressed, to architect his suicide, which is equally always present in nature by millions of millions of Years to this part, they are totally natural, but very problematic for those who live them.

For this reason it is convenient for example artificially blocking dopamine, to get out of the manic phase, or artificially stimulate serotonin, to try to relieve depression. So mental phenomena, although perfectly natural, are deeply organic, but so deeply organic that they are actually part of nature. When we finally determine all the organic factors that determine madness, you will probably be able to intervene on any other aspect of the human mind.

But until that day, which I see quite far away, the natural role of the fool should be coded and officially recognized in the social field. It's already partially like that. There are facilities that can accommodate the madman sometimes.

However, the role of the fool is deeply social, so we should act on a social level to allow the fool to get closer to his nature, and already partly these spaces are granted in society, but they should perhaps be expanded and improved. Now the fool can no longer retire in the desert for months to reflect on good and evil.

Now he has to think about it as he lives his life within a running world, so often the fool suffers a lot not only from disorder, but also because his nature is not recognized. What is madness?


Il disturbo bipolare – Introduzione alla Psicologia

Infatti avrete notato che le diagnosi sono fatte senza alcuna indagine fisica o chimica. Ormai sono decine di anni che seguo le centinaia e centinaia di studi medici per individuare un qualche elemento misurabile. Non c Il nostro cervello non ha nulla di anomalo. Un compito che hanno svolto forse per milioni di anni.



Si tratta, in sostanza, di un disturbo psichiatrico avente gravi implicazioni relazionali e sociali per coloro che ne sono colpiti. Tale scoperta ha permesso di capire i motivi per cui alcuni pazienti rispondono alla terapia con il litio , farmaco di riferimento per la cura di questo disturbo, e altri no. Inoltre, sono state evidenziate delle riduzioni significative a livello volumetrico in diverse regioni cerebrali. Tali riduzioni pare siano derivabili da un alterato metabolismo del glucosio Hanford, Questi neuroni sono la principale fonte di norepinefrina del sistema nervoso centrale e alterazioni nelle proiezioni di norepinefrina a regioni neocorticali o sottocorticali limbiche potrebbero avere un ruolo nella fisiopatologia del disturbo bipolare Doucet.


Il Disturbo Bipolare

AKIS - Vol. Testo Immagini Bibliografia Summary Indice. Correspondence: Dr. Recentemente, alcuni ricercatori hanno utilizzato il termine di spettro con un significato diverso riferendolo ad un ampia area di fenomeni psichiatrici correlati ad un singolo disturbo mentale Originariamente, Fieve e Dunner 27 e Dunner e al. Klerman 29 ha esteso questa concezione per includere tra le forme bipolari attenuate, soggetti che presentano episodi maniacali e ipomaniacali in seguito a trattamento farmacologico, specialmente con antidepressivi disturbo bipolare III.

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