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Publicar un comentario. Air conditioner Unit. Air Craft. Automatic throttle. Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor. Aircraft Based Augmenting System. Three main components used in the production of engines that do not have rings. Engines with aluminum piston, chrome or nickel Advanced Bimetallic Liner. A Specialized form of ABN. Instead of a single-material plating,single-step, the ABL Plating process is based on a layered The components used in the production of non-ringed engines. These engines use an aluminum piston, and a nickel plated brass sl Distance between the aircraft and the ground Synonyms: radar altitude;.

Fixed reference, as opposed to moving reference. Advisory circular. Airline Communication and Reporting System. Airborne Collision Avoidance System. Area Control Center. Rate of change of velocity, either scalar or vector, often with subscripts such as ENU or XYZ to denote the coordinate frame; time derivative of veloc An inertial device for measuring acceleration, usually in three orthogonal axes lateral X, longitudinal Y, and vertical Z ; accelerometers usually co To allow to proceed, for example with a position update, usually by an operator; Compare: reject.

Occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight Measure of exactness, possibly expressed in percent; Compare: precision. Airport Council International.

To begin reception of useful data. To begin performing a mission objective, such as flying along a radial of a radio station; usually refers to a mode of radio navigation, such flying a Directive; Maintenance or modification ordered by FAA.

Air Data Computer. Advise customs. Architecture Description Document. Air data computer. Automatic Direction Finder. Attitude direction indicator. Airborne Data Link Processor. Automatic dependent surveillance. Automatic Dependent Surveillance. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract. Yaw generated when the ailerons are used. The lifting wing generates more drag, causing the plane to yaw toward it.

Automatic Direction Finding. Association of European Airlines. Association of European Aerospace Industries. Acrobatic or stunt maneuvers in the air such as loops, rolls, and others. Aircraft Earth station. Air Force Base. Automatic flight control system. Adaptive flight displays. Autopilot flight director system. Automated flight information system AlliedSignal. Airplane Flight Manual. Towards the rear. Used such as: " A lubricant designed to displace unburned fuel in the engine after running.

The fuel can accelerate corrosion on some engine parts. By using an after Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network. Air-Ground Data Link. Above Ground Level. Used in reference to altitude, e. See also MSL. Automatic flight control Sys. Straight-line distance from the aircraft to a point on the ground;. Approach to hover. Attitude-heading reference system.

Altitude indicator. Aeronautical Information Circular. A process by which one or more sensors provide data to another sensor to produce results better than any single sensor; aiding occurs at the data sour A control surface on fixed-wing aircraft, usually mounted on the aft edge of wings, that controls roll, and is controlled by the wheel; Symbols: delta Often located near the tips.

Used to bank the aircraft. A primary FAA publication whose purpose is to instruct airmen about operating in the US airspace system. Aeronautical Information Publication. Person who undertakes directly, by lease, or other arrangement, to engage in air transportation. Values computed from pitot, static and temperature measurements, usually by means of a digital computer; ARINC defines outputs. A primary navigation data source. A navigation sensor based on atmospheric data sensors; usually measures static pressure, dynamic pressure, and outsi Dead reckoning navigation based on simple instruments as source barometric altimeter, magnetic compass, airspeed indicator, known wind conditions ; s The area of airspace over land or water, extending upward from the surface, within which the ready identification, the location, and the control of ai Facility established to provide air traffic control service to aircraft operating on IFR flight plans within controlled airspace and principally durin An aircraft operator who conducts operations for hire or compensation in accordance with FAR Part in an aircraft with 30 or fewer passenger seats A service operated by the appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic.

Standard aviation term. Alert Area. An alert area is established to infor Angle in vertical plane of earth speed vector and groundspeed vector; occasional definition for flight path angle; Compare: earth-referenced flight pa Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control. A device for barrage-jamming of Wurzburgs. Extremely vulnerable to being homed onto. A craft that flies in the air; either fixed or rotary wing. It includes turbo superchargers, appurtenances, and accessories necessary The shape of the wing when looking at its profile.

Usually a raindrop type shape. An area on land or water that is used or intended to be used for the landing and takeoff of aircraft and includes its buildings and facilities, if any The speed of an aircraft relative to its surrounding air mass.

See: calibrated airspeed; indicated airspeed; true airspeed. An onboard instrument which registers velocity through the air, in miles per hour or in knots. A standard model for computing earth data.


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