Manual zz. Limited Product Warranty. The Products are not designed or licensed for use in mission-critical applications, or in hazardous environments, requiring fail-safe controls, including without limitation operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control, or life support or weapons systems. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, HSTC specifically disclaims any express or implied warranty or condition of fitness for such purposes. HSTC shall have no obligation with respect to any data stored in the Product.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. As HSTC 's sole obligation and Client's exclusive remedy for any breach of warranty, HSTC agrees, at its sole option, to i use reasonable efforts to repair the Product with new or refurbished replacement parts; In such cases, please choose the larger super- municipality displayed in parentheses to search for these streets.

It utilizes GPS Global Positioning System satellites to pinpoint your location utilizing the latest mapping data technology to get you to your destination in the most efficient and timely manner.

If you have other questions about Destinator PN, please contact your supplier or Destinator Technical Support via email at support destinatoreurope. After reading the Welcome message click Next. We recommend that you use the default directory on your PC and click Next. Or, if you wish to install to a different installation directory click Browse and follow the onscreen instructions.

Figure 3 - Install to Default Directory A status window indicates the progress of the installation. Click on the button on the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Select your language preference for the voice prompts, and click OK. The Target Device window displays the size of the map s , and the available room on the storage card or main memory. From the toolbar at the top of the screen, select the button. The Quick Activation screen appears. Click Next to continue. Fill in the required information to create your account on Destinator Community, and click on Next. Click on Finish. Click on Done to close the screen.

Figure 13 - Quick Activation Completed 3. The following screen is displayed: Be sure you read the text in the upper portion of the screen. Sending an SMS might mean that you will be charged by your carrier. Pocket PC device. COM connector. Cigarette Lighter Adapter. Figure 14 - Sample Hardware Installation If you are choosing a suitable location on the dashboard to install the Pocket PC device 1 mount, ensure that it does not obstruct the driver's view or interfere with other vehicle controls.

Note: The GPS may take a few minutes to find its current location initially. If you press No, Destinator will not install and you are returned to the Destinator Console main screen.

Press the Yes button to continue to install the latest version of Destinator. The selected map is temporally loaded to hard disk. The map is displayed on screen - Then Zoom In on a section, zone, selected area or city of interest. Note: No spaces between words are allowed, but you can use underscores to separate the words 16 character maximum. To create the route, you specify two or more points.

After the route has been created you can create a map from it and download the map to your Pocket PC. First, highlight a point in the right-hand pane, and then click one of these icons. From Toolbar, click Crop , select on the map where to draw rectangular zone to be cut.

From the list, click 2 Street. The map view is updated and area to be cut is centered. On the Destinator Console select the main map to load from, eg: Italy. Click Cut Map. The Destinator Map Cutter is displayed. A pop-up message requiring confirmation appears. Press OK to load map. Destinator requires that you confirm that you wish to remove the selected map s. Press Yes, the selected map s are removed from memory. The Congratulations Page is displayed.

Do not enter anything on this screen yet. Leave it as is. Online Activation 5. You will need to confirm that you want to Exit the Destinator Console. Press Yes and you will exit. Page 45 of You will be able to select a destination, set your origin, or plan a journey. The route calculated in real time is from your current GPS position. The icon indicates the next item to be displayed. Displays GPS status, such as information about your satellite fix, and the latitude, longitude and altitude of your position.

This view is particularly useful for navigation when you want to see more of your lateral surroundings. The green triangle represents your Origin or departure point. POIs are identified on the map by various icons eg: Restaurants. POI navigation is especially handy when you need to find a facility, attraction or amenity by category or type. When selected, the button will appear as.

Click on Send Location. See Appendix C for more information about sending locations. As you drive, Destinator PN provides you with turn-by-turn voice and visual directions, letting you know when your next turn is due. The SMS message will automatically include the location of the highlighted Favorite. Enter a new category name eg: Must see or select an existing one and press Save.

Your favorite destination has now been stored for future use. The route is shown on the map as a blue line from your current GPS position. You can also select to preview your destination on the map, or press Confirm that this is the address you want to navigate to. Figure 35 - Contact Info Screen 3. Highlight your selection and click to calculate your route. You can also select When you highlight this item, information about the location is displayed at the bottom of the screen. With the SMS message highlighted, click to calculate your route.

A dialog box displays the address of that point, and This process is similar to the procedures used to enter or select a destination and initiate navigation, except that you must be in Planner Mode.

Trip Planner Note: If this is the first time you are using Trip Planner you will need to create a Trip Folder in which to store your trip details. You can use any name. Press Save to add to your trip. Page 70 of For example, you may prefer to not travel on any toll roads. From the Destination Menu, press the Avoid Roads button to display a list of road categories.

TMC messages are national and regional public radio FM transmissions that are used to inform drivers of traffic, weather, and other driving conditions. Page Show Route Destinator PN User Guide Voice and visual prompts displayed at the top of the screen are provided at varying intervals to indicate your next turn or change of direction.

In Pedestrian Mode, the navigation radius is restricted to 10 kilometres 6 miles. Automatic reconnect — Select this option to ensure automatic reconnection whenever the GPS signal is lost. See Section 6. Now, when you press the button, Destinator PN will automatically calculate a route to this destination. Imperial Miles and yards 2. Metric Kilometers and meters Press the button to save your selection and return to the map screen.

North is up — orients the map so that north is always at the top. This mode is the one you will use most frequently. Destinator PN uses the satellite-based global positioning system GPS to constantly detect your current position. Use Planner Mode for trip planning. Route generation Quickest route — Destinator PN calculates the route by picking the shortest distance and highest speed limits.

Shortest route — Destinator PN calculates the route by picking the shortest distance. Speed Limit - Gives you a voice prompt when your car exceeds the speed limit on this section of the road.


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