U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is. Wij controleren de vraag en zonodig wordt deze verwijderd. Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. Bijvoorbeeld een creditcardnummer, een persoonlijk identificatienummer, of een geheim adres.

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Dear Dive buddy,Regardless which model of Hugyfot you hold in you hand, you can be sure that itis not only the best housing on the market but also the best looking one. Hugyfot builds underwater housings for cameras as well as lighting systems since The story began at a time when the first regulators were build and all the divingequipment still had to be designed.

During the last decade, Hugyfot has invested a lot in new technologies. Togetherwith the emphasising of the ergonomical design, this investment has changed themarket of underwater housings. Recognition and a very high quality standard havemade the Hugyfot brand known throughout the world. Underwater photography is our life. Happy Diving! Also on all copies. Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90 2 User manual. Techical information Hugyfot for Nikon D Opening and closing the housing Port with bayonet catch Flash connections Mounting the camera Operation of the HugyCheck system Maintenance and service Photo practice In order to be able to claim this warranty, this usermanual is to be followed unconditionally and the housing is to be usedin a professional way.

The ownerhas to forward his claim to the transport company itself in order to avoidthe loss of his right of claim. Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90 3 User manual. As housings and flashes have a long lifetime and are quite expensive, sometime should be invested in looking around to find the right equipment. Doingthis in cooperation with a professional salesman is probably the bestsolution.

First dive is a checkdive without the camera in the housing. Check all buttons under water. Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90 4 User manual. Front shell - 2. Exposure lever - 3. Neoprene handstrap - 4. Aperture control - 5. Ball-and-socket joint for mounting flash arm - 7.

External flash connections Ergonomic grip with ball-and-socket joint for mounting flash arm Lens release - Back shell - Countersunk bolt - Mode dial - Shutter speed control - AF lock - Menu push buttons LCD screen - Hugyfot for Nikon D90It is a trend in underwater photography to use a digital camera that can beused by the amateur as well as by the professional.

Nothing is as simple as taking pictures with the automatic settings of the Nikon D One can choose to take control himself and set each para meterto his own preference. The sensitive exposure lever is integrated in the frontshell which is a part of the patented Hugyfot -grip. This enables one-handphotography. With this sensitive lever the exposure lever of the camera canbe slightly squeezed so the camera is activated. All the settings then becomevisible on the LCD-screen.

Just as easy is the manipulation of thezoom on the left side, the diaphragm and the shutter speed. All parameters can be changed through the menu driven system, this canbe operated through the buttons on the back of the housing.

The big LCDscreenof the camera is entirely visible through the integrated window onthe back of the housing. Any flash can be connected through the standard Nikon os contact. This guarantees the safest way of closing. Only with the right key you canopen and close the housing. A curiousbuddy cannot open the housingby accident.

Herewith we exclude theunwanted opening of the housing. Toseal the housing, the socket screw keyis inserted into the countersunk boltand then turned until the shells aresqueezed to one another. Stop turning the key when resistance increasessignificantly.

At a depth of 6 meters the hydrostatic pressure takesover and keeps all the o-rings under pressure. First maintenance command:The screws, and more specific the tread, must be kept very clean at all times.

The main o-ring merely lies in the o-ring groove. It can be removed by blowingit out with compressed air, by using a credit card or by rubbing two piecesof paper towards each other against the o-ring so the o-ring pops out of hisgroove. Second maintenance command:Whenever the o-ring is dirty or misted up, it must be removed from itsgroove see first command and cleaned up with soap do not use corrosiveor chemical degreasers. Afterwards clean it with clear water.

O-rings have to be dried up with a clean cloth do not squeeze or by air. Pull the o-ring gently through your fingers without stretching it! O-ringgrooves, housing and shell edges have to be cleaned with a clean cloth.

Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90 7 User manual. The port has a mark which has to be positioned opposite to the mark at theleft of the housing when mounting and demounting the port. To actuallyclose the port it has to be turned clockwise until the mark on the port is oppositeto the mark on top of the housing. To demount the port it has to beturned counter clockwise until the mark on the port is opposite to the markon the left of the housing. When mounting the port, mind that it is held exactly in the middle of theport mounting.

Only then you can press the port so it slides nicely into theport mounting. Check whether the port is closed properly before turning ittowards the marking on top of the housing. Make surethat the port is held exactlyin the middle of theport mounting. Then turnthe port clockwise until Band C are opposite to eachother. Third maintenance command:The o-ring around the port can be removed from its groove by pressing itwith 2 fingers. Port mounting, o-ring groove and bayonet catch have to be cleaned with awet cloth.

Afterwards let everything dry. Clean the inside of the portglas with water and soap. Never scrub it with acloth. Rinse it with fresh water and let it dry, or dry it with compressed air.

Put it back into their grooves. Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90 8 User manual. Flash connections Hugyfot housings can be equiped with Nikon os 5-pins or S-6 flash connections. These flash connections are plugged into a circuit board inside thehousing. An optional TTL-converter is also available. The flash connection can be shut off byusing a small protection cap which can beremoved by turning it counter clockwise. The cap has 2 o-rings which have to becleaned together with the thread.

Afterwards,slightly grease o-ring and thread. The flash plug also has to be serviced. Slightly grease the o-rings and thread andkeep the flash contacts dry. The multiple socket in the housing hasa small ridge. The projecting part of theconnection has a groove with the samemeasurements as the ridge of the connection. Be sure that, whenever plugging theconnection into the socket, the groove andthe ridge fit well together.

Only then theconnection is well positioned. Press theplug gently into the contact. Then turn itclockwise to tighten it.


Handleiding Nikon D90.indd - Hugyfot

Je bekijkt:. Canon EOS 90D-camera. Een veelzijdige DSLR waarmee je dichter bij de actie komt, sneller foto's kunt maken en sublieme afbeeldingen van 32,5 megapixels mee kunt vastleggen. Koop in de Canon Store. Een perfecte balans tussen snelheid, beeldkwaliteit en draagbaarheid, waardoor je dicht bij de natuur kunt komen en snelle sporters kunt vastleggen. Bekijk volledige specificaties.


Gaggia D90






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