Hi there! Has anyone used the app Tabaccomapp instead of buying paper maps to hike the Alta Via 2? I leave in about 2 weeks from Chicago and am trying to get all my materials in order. Hi sad to see no replies to this post. Did you do the app and how did it work in the mountains?

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Hi there! Has anyone used the app Tabaccomapp instead of buying paper maps to hike the Alta Via 2? I leave in about 2 weeks from Chicago and am trying to get all my materials in order. Hi sad to see no replies to this post. Did you do the app and how did it work in the mountains?

I had downloaded the OSI map app before heading to Scotland but it did not work that great on the mountains and would often hang. Did you turn off the data on your phone in the mountains?

If not, the phone would just try to use it and get hung up. I use GeoFlyer 3 D Europe. It works great with my iPhone. I predownload the areas i need, and the trails I want to hike, then put the phone in airplane mode no data , and there I go Thanks Latrevisana. Yes i did put it on airplane mode for OSI but it would keep searching for some odd reason even tho i had downloaded maps.

Anyway, I will definitely look into your option. Have you considered the Garmin wiht country maps? I think it's pretty expensive tho but some folks in scotland swore by it.. At least the last time I looked I haven't used Garmin for a few years now. My old Garmin memory is too small for the new updates, and a new unit costs too much to make it worth it. You can try it for free, cannot save though till you pay.

I'm answering to you here because I don't know why I can't write a private message right now For Alta Via 2, I think you were referring to these posts, where you can find many ideas for Alta Via 2. Read those posts carefully for what concerns the Alta Via 2 even if sometimes it will be a bit repetitive, but "repetita iuvant"! I would certainly consider also the area of the Pale di San Martino , in the posts in the link above you can also find two possible variations in this very beautiful group one to Cima Vezzana, the other one along two vie ferrate to the Rifugio Velo della Madonna.

Whatever area you decide the one you are thinking now I repeat it's a great choice , I strongly believe that the most beautiful part of any Alta Via is in its lateral variations, that give you the possibility to climb a summit or do a via ferrata.

So it' important that you know well the area and the different possibilities you have along your way. The last part however it will be by walk, not too long anyway. Here the website for bus lines in the province of Bolzano be aware that the time schedule changes a lot depending on the season. From Rifugio Firenze it's not too difficult to reach again Alta Via 2 passing through the Furcella Forces de Sieles, to sleep the second night at Gardena pass.

It's of course a deviation from Alta Via 2, but I think it's a very interesting one. That's why I would advise you to sleep in Gardena pass, to be very close to the starting point of the ferrata. In fact, Ferrata Tridentina is very popular, and it's not nice when it gets too crowded. To get an idea of Ferrata Tridentina, I copy-paste here what I written to the user Halaleo in the link I gave you above:.

Here you find a list of the Dolomitic ferrate plural of ferrata , with many pictures and a level of difficulty from 1 to 5. It's in Italian, help yourself with Google translate.

Anyway you can also search on YouTube, there are many videos to get you an idea of a ferrata. Of course, don't do them without the proper gear, and the ferrata kit. So in this website you can find many pictures of the Tridentina, which is, as you will understand, not a too difficult ferrata, but for sure not for everybody as a common hiking path.

Be aware that if the weather it's not good which is very possible in the summer you have to avoid the vie ferrate! I copy-paste here what I've written in posts found in the first link. You can also choose and enlight specific itineraries. In this way you can plan a bit better from home, before departure, which is in my opinion advisable.

For example, putting in the research "cartina monte Pelmo " I find this:. And with "cartina Marmolada " I find this:. Guys thanks so much for your comments. Sorry for my radio silence I am just trying to work thru all the information you have shared.

My husband and I will be back in another week with a bunch of questions. Meanwhile, David your idea of going to Refugio Firenze via Route 35 looks like a good idea so we are working on incorporating it. David : Hi. I have been working on the various weblinks you had provided. But soon after reaching R. Piscuidu it seems to show a lot fewer hikes.

Is there another province map source that we need to use to find lateral deviations around AV2 past Passo Gardena? Or is it just that the terrain is such that the only lateral deviations are Via Ferrete? Thanks so much for your insights, Chitra. Chitra remember always that a web map is useful for planning, but you need paper maps when there, that are always more detailed As I wrote in the previous post, sentres. For the Bolzano province, this website shows almost everything, even vie ferrate if you click the option to show them.

But the Dolomites region belongs also to two other provinces, the province of Trento and the province of Belluno in the Veneto region. So these two other Dolomitic areas are not shown in detail on sentres. I'm not aware of similiar web sources for the other two dolomitic areas, I wrote on part 2 of post 6 a possible solution, which can be helpful, but for sure is not enough.

I am very sorry. I now understand better your comments in post 6. Yes it is clearly harder once u get into veneto. I will search as u suggested. I did find some interesting lateral hikes in the upper gardena area. I will post for ur comment over weekend! Thanks so much david! Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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