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The pCO1 series controllers are also supplied in plastic cases that guarantee the high mechanical protection of the board and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge due incorrect handling; quick DIN rail mounting means faster assembly and wiring. Some models feature an SSR to control the devices that require frequent starts and stops.

Everything Products Documents Information. General characteristics The pCO1 series has been designed for the purpose of providing the significant innovations introduced by the pCO sistema to all those applications that require greater competitiveness in terms of price. All the pCO1 series controllers feature a bit microprocessor, and 2 MB flash memory multi-language, multi-protocol.

System solutions Unit control. Temperature, humidity and pressure control solutions Speed controllers and inverters Powersolutions Obsolete products. Headquarters Branches Distribution network. Release 1. Language ITA. Release 2.

Description pCO sistema: General manual. Language ENG. Description pCO sistema: Manuale generale. Description pCOWeb- User manual. Language CHI. Language GER. Description Retail sistema Release 4.

Description Wine industry Temperature and humidity control systems. Description retail sistema integrated solution for control and energy savings in commercial refrigeration.

Description retail sistema: soluzione integrata per il controllo e il risparmio energetico nella refrigerazione commerciale. Description retail Language RUS. Description retail sistema Language POR. Language SPA. Description Retail Solutions Language IND. Description Integrated solutions for rooftop units. Description Soluzioni integrate per rooftop. Description precision and shelter units.

Description Integrated solutions for Bitzer screw compressors. Description Soluzioni integrate per i compressori a vite Bitzer. Description Soluzioni integrate chiller e pompe di calore di grossa taglia. Description pCO sistema: Programmierbare Steuerungen. Description pCO sistema: controlli programmabili. Description pCO sistema: programmable controllers. Description Integral control solution Air Handling Units.

Release 3. Description Soluzioni di controllo per panificazione e abbattitori.


pCO1 (I/O board)


TM1616 PDF

pCO1 (I/O board)


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