Quick Links. Table of Contents. Ensure that you read the Safety Precautions. Canon user's guide digital camera powershot a,powershot a pages. Canon digital camera user guide powershot a, powershot a pages.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Ensure that you read the Safety Precautions. Canon user's guide digital camera powershot a,powershot a pages. Canon digital camera user guide powershot a, powershot a pages. This guide is divided into the following two sections.

Getting Started p. Start out by familiarizing yourself with the camera and mastering the basics. Please Read Page 6 Table of Contents Viewing Movies Some functions may not be available in certain shooting modes.

If there is no notation to that effect, the function may be used in all modes. Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period.

Page Preparations Preparations Preparations Installing the batteries Slide the battery cover lock a and hold it open while sliding the cover b and opening it c.

Battery Cover Lock Open the cover c. Slide the cover b. Install two batteries. Page 13 Preparations Insert the memory card until it clicks into place. Take care that you do not drop the batteries. To Remove the Memory Card Use a finger to push the memory card in until you hear a click, then release it.

Select the month, day, year and time, and the display order. Select a shooting mode. Page 18 Shooting Still Images Press the shutter button fully all the way to shoot.

This mode is ideal for first time camera users, or users who do not make many settings. Set the mode switch to playback. Use the button to display the image you wish to view. Use the button to select an image to erase and press the button. Confirm that [Erase] is selected and press the button. To exit instead of erasing, select [Cancel]. For detail, see the Direct Print User Guide. Turn on the printer. Connect the camera to the printer.

Print the image. Press the button. Use the button to select 3. Set the mode switch to shooting. Set the mode dial to Movie. Use the button to select Standard. Page 27 Shooting Movies Press the shutter button halfway to focus.

Complete: lights green Press the shutter button fully to shoot. Use the button to display a movie and press button. Use the button to select Play and press the button. Page Installing The Software With Windows , ensure that you install the software first before connecting the camera to the computer.

Installing the software. Windows 1. Click [Easy Installation]. Follow the onscreen messages to proceed with the installation. Page 32 Open the CameraWindow. CameraWindow appears. Macintosh The CameraWindow will appear when you establish a connection between the camera and computer.

Install the software before downloading images via the direct transfer method for the first time p. Button Button Buttons Page The Button Downloading Images to a Computer You can also use the following options in the Direct Transfer menu to set the method for downloading images.

All Images Transfers and saves all images to the computer. Transfers and saves to the computer only the New Images images that have not been previously transferred.

Page 35 Downloading Images to a Computer Use the button to select images to download and press the button. The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress. Press the button after downloading finishes. Some accessories are not sold in some regions, or may no longer be available. Page Other Accessories Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.

This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Page Learning More Learning More Page 44 Controls Indicators p. Zoom Lever pp. Page Indicators Indicators The camera indicators will light or blink under the following conditions. Menu Button This menu sets many of the common shooting functions.

Page 47 Rec. Set up Menu Rec. Menu You can switch between menus with button. Change the battery as soon as possible if you intend to use the camera for an extended period of time.

Page Histogram Function Information for images shot on other cameras may not display correctly. Histogram Function The histogram is a graph that allows you to check the brightness of an image. The greater the bias toward the left in the graph, the darker the image. Page 51 FUNC. As this setting will be stored to memory even when the power is turned off, to print using an image size The following are the screens that display when shooting in mode.

Page 57 The LCD monitor will not switch to the detailed display or focus check display in magnified display , or index playback mode Overexposure Warning In the following cases, overexposed portions of the image blink.

The zoom bar appears when you press the zoom lever. Page 59 About the Safety Zoom Depending on the number of recording pixels set, you can shift from optical zoom to digital zoom without pausing up to a factor where the image quality does not deteriorate Safety Zoom. Pressing the zoom lever toward again allows you to zoom even further not available in In the menu, use the button to select [Digital Zoom].

Make settings. Use the button to select [Standard]. Press the zoom lever toward and shoot. Page 61 Shooting with the Digital Tele-Converter The digital tele-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the effects of a tele-converter a lens used in telephoto shooting. Select [Digital Zoom].

Use the button to select the flash settings. The image area at the minimum shooting distance from the end of the lens to the subject 5 cm 2. Self-Timer: The shutter releases 10 seconds after the shutter button is pressed. Page 65 Shoot. Use the button to select and the button to change the recording pixels. Use the button to select and the button to change the option.

Use of a tripod is recommended. Adjust the ISO speed. Special Scene Set the mode dial to 1. Use the to select the scene mode. Page 73 Night Snapshot Allows you to take snapshots of people against twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects of camera shake when firmly holding the camera, even without using a tripod. Page 74 Snow Shoots without a blue tinge and without making people appear dark against a snowy background.


PowerShot A590 IS

With this Table of Content, you can directly go to the certain part of this article simply by clicking the sub topic below. The only aim is to educate the users of this camera to use this product better so that they can result a good photographical image. It is generally known that look is something important that becomes a consideration for people in buying digital camera product. With the look, People can instantly attracted to a certain digital camera product.


Canon PowerShot A590 IS Manual, Manual of Truly Complete-Packaging Compact Camera



Canon Powershot A590 IS User Manual



Canon PowerShot A590 IS User Manual


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