Version TO 10D3. Typical Applications. Signal processing,. Commercial grade 1. General Purpose.

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Version TO 10D3. Typical Applications. Signal processing,. Commercial grade 1. General Purpose. Three current gain groups. Conflict Minerals 1. Mechanical Data 1. Typische Anwendungen. Universell anwendbar. Konfliktmineralien 1. Mechanische Daten 1. Raster 2. Raster 1. Weight approx. Case material. UL 94V Gewicht ca. Current gain groups. Recommended complementary PNP transistors.

Maximum ratings 2. Collector-Emitter-voltage — Kollektor-Emitter-Spannung. Emitter-Base-voltage — Emitter-Basis-Spannung. Power dissipation — Verlustleistung. Collector current — Kollektorstrom. Peak Collector current — Kollektor-Spitzenstrom. Peak Base current — Basis-Spitzenstrom. Peak Emitter current — Emitter-Spitzenstrom. Junction temperature — Sperrschichttemperatur. Storage temperature — Lagerungstemperatur. E-B short. B open. C open. V CES. V CEO. V EBO. P tot. Grenzwerte 2.

Bitte beachten Sie die detaillierten Hinweise auf unserer Internetseite bzw. Group A. Group B. Group C. Collector-Emitter cutoff current — Kollektor-Emitter-Reststrom. B-E short. I CES. V CEsat. V BEsat. Base-Emitter-voltage — Basis-Emitter-Spannung 1.

Gain-Bandwidth Product — Transitfrequenz. C CBO. Noise figure — Rauschzahl. C EBO. Thermal resistance junction to ambient. R thA. Disclaimer: See data book page 2 or website.

Haftungssauschluss: Siehe Datenbuch Seite 2 oder Internet. BC BC Download BCB Datasheet. Case material 0. Kennwerte Max.


China c546b transistor

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Replacement for C546B

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