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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Read times. I wanted to check why you still would want to buy Fluke, if Brymen is cheaper and as good. Would it be because you have worked with Fluke many years, and want to stay with your brand? Nostalgic reasons? Or do you prefer American products over products made in Taiwan? Would you stay with Fluke, as price is not an issue, because your employer pays the bill?

What other reasons? Let the discussion round begin! Brymen versus Fluke: to start with. Muxr Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Fuke has a better build quality and better resale value. Also you can't get a Brymen in the US through official channels. So it was also cheaper than Brymen. Hydrawerk Super Contributor Posts: Country:.

Amazing machines. Rolo Regular Contributor Posts: Country:. Yes if funds are no issue. Lightages Supporter Posts: Country: Canadian po. Fluke has a long standing reputation of great build quality and reliability. Fluke also has a "lifetime" warranty on most of its multimeters whereas Brymen only offers one year.

Greenlee gives lifetime on their re-badged Brymens but that is not Brymen directly. Fluke also offers ruggedized models as has already been mentioned.

It is is also arguable that Brymen makes as good a quality meter as Fluke in some people's eyes. So there are some real reasons and some psychological reasons people buy Fluke instead of Brymen. If I was going to buy a meter for a company and it was my reputation on the line I would buy a Fluke, that is before I had experience with Brymen.

Seems like Brymen didn't do their homework about every day adventures in the US. Fluke has a pretty much spotless track record. And while the price is a bit higher, it really isn't that much higher. With a Fluke you don't need to worry about "could it be the DMM" if you're troubleshooting. That's not a badge Brymen has deserved yet. I'd also like to point out that stating "Brymen is cheaper and as good" and "Brymen - Fluke " is a bit premature and doesn't exactly help to get a good discussion going.

It's like yelling "Justin Bieber is the best, that's just a fact! EDIT: Also: a 3m concrete drop would seem more likely than you think it is Quote from: Muxr on May 24, , pm. Quote from: Hydrawerk on May 24, , pm.

Fungus Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Smith Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. I trust every Fluke at work, and at home. Cant say that about Brymen. We have Flukes of about 30 year old that still work perfectly.

They get dropped, overloaded, zapped with several kilovolts and still stay within spec. Okey, I understand that the price delta is not a world apart Does the 87V have the same or better specs than the Brymen s? I understand that Fluke is present in this business for many years. But it should be noted that sometimes newcomers can outperform old rookies. Just to name a few examples in the electronics industry: Sega and Nintendo were doing consoles for 20 years, and then out of the blue comes Sony and outperforms them.

What about Motorola and Nokia Siemens Networks? These are old rookies in telecommunication equipment, and today Huawei, yes Chinese has wiped Motorola and Nokia Siemens Networks completely from the map. Newcomers look at the design from a different perspective, and don't have the high-self esteem attitude that sometimes can kill entire multinationals, because they are getting too relaxed, even to the point where they become lazy.

Really a shame that this can happen, but it is a reality unfortunately. Thanks for sharing the info about the Fluke product recall. This actually confirms that Fluke really cares about its customers. I admit that Brymen would never initiate a voluntary product recall like this. Howardlong Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Quote from: Armxnian on May 24, , pm. The following users thanked this post: cluca This confirms that they are ambitious players.

Their PCB design is pretty clean as well. Giant leaps better than Vichy. I'd rather not buy gear off some shady website. I couldn't even check what the shipping would be, their SSL cert is not trusted by Chrome see attachment. Ebay at least has buyer protection. I think V is a better meter. Specs aren't everything and they shouldn't be blindly trusted.

Screen Shot at 5. Let's throw in a nice picture of the Brymen BMs and an overview of the features to make the Fluke rookies jealous about the Brymen pioneers. Good point about the warranty. If Brymen is really serious about their product quality, they might want to consider to extend the warranty. I wonder how their 1 year warranty would work out in Norway if they sell it through an official distributor. Note that Norway is not part of the European Union, and requires 5 year warranty on all consumer products Yes, all consumer products.

That's why I bought my new vacuum cleaner in Norway instead of Germany. I usually buy abroad, as prices tend to be high in Norway, but sometimes you can score good deals at the retailers, and then the price is the same or even lower than in Germany or Belgium, plus you get the benefit of 5 years warranty, imposed by the consumer laws in the Norwegian Kingdom.

Electro Fan Super Contributor Posts: As long as we're talking Fluke and Brymen, anyone want to weigh-in with any experience with, or thoughts on, the Fluke vs. Both about the same size but the Brymen is spec'd to be g lighter? Brymen seems to be equivalent or wins on most specs. I've had 3 excellent experiences purchasing from TME. That said, my Fluke the only Fluke product I own is clearly of higher build quality. It just is. The Brymen meters feel plasticky, and I really, really prefer the Fluke function selector dial.

The Brymen selector dials are clunky and difficult to turn. If you are hobbyist like I am , I think you'll get more value for your money with a Brymen. A Brymen may indeed be more accurate than a given Fluke, but Fluke's reputation offers a level of confidence that Brymen just cannot match. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


Brymen BM869s Multimeter

Free shipping. Datasheet EN. Ive been using it for over a year, and I can say its a very precise instrument. I recently ordered 2nd.

FM 999-3 PDF

Brymen BM869s multimeter

The Brymen BMs is a high performance multimeter that has no problem matching up to the expensive Fluke meters when it comes down to display, possibilities and accuracy. Very accurate measurements can be read thanks to the ,count display that updates 5 times per second. The BMs is fused for use up to V and can even measure to this value. Thanks to the , count display, the meter can accurately measure 2 decimals even at V. Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically. Some of the special measuring particulars of the multimeter include for example the high-speed capacitance measurements that allow readings of 25 mF within seconds. The meter also offers standard support for the analogue mA measuring result that is used in some systems.


Brymen BM869s Professional Multimeter




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