It will come in handy if you go on one of our great excursions in Berlin's hinterland. More Information. Details subject to change. The holder can take up to 4 persons, whereby only one person may be older than 14 years old: Monday-Friday from 8pm-3am of the following day, and all day on Saturday, Sunday, 24 December, 31 December and on public holidays. This information is valid per ticket and person. Detailed information is available in the terms and conditions of carriage for the VBB tariff system.

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Like other German contracts, BVG subscriptions must be cancelled in writing. You must write the letter yourself and mail it to the BVG. There is no online form. BVG subscriptions are renewed automatically.

If you do not request a cancellation, your subscription will be extended automatically for another 12 months. You must request a cancellation at least 6 weeks before the end of your subscription.

You must request a cancellation in writing at least 6 weeks before the end of your subscription At least, that's what the BVG says. I cancelled my subscription 3 weeks before it ended, and it worked.

You can cancel your subscription by email, by mail, or in person at a BVG Kundenzentrum. Sending an email is the easiest way. In order to cancel your BVG yearly ticket, you need to know your customer number Kundennummer , your contract number Vertragsnummer or subscription number Abonummer.

You can find this number on the subscription confirmation letter you received from the BVG. This is not the number on your BVG card, and this is not the number in your order confirmation email Abonnement Best-Nr. Fill the template below with your information, then send the letter to the BVG by email 1 or by post. By email: Use this contact form. Use the message template above.

By post : Fill the letter template above, and send it to this address:. Once the BVG receives your written request, they will reply with a confirmation.

Your BVG yearly ticket will still work until the end of your 12 month subscription. At the end of your 12 month subscription, your card will stop working.

You have 10 days to return the plastic card to the BVG You will sign have to sign a paper, and a few days later, you will receive a confirmation letter by mail. List of BVG Kundenzentren. All About Berlin collects statistics about visitors I use them to improve the website. You can opt out of all tracking , or learn more in the privacy policy. Last updated on April 28,


Der Berliner Nahverkehr

We display worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map, so that you can forget about browsing individual operators websites. The map is implemented with Openstreetmap data, which leads to the ability to complete and correct the map on your own. If you are new to Openstreetmap your can find a beginners guide about adding data to the map here , afterwards the Openstreetmap Wiki has also information on adding public transports in general and specificly about this map. This project is operated by MeMoMaps. If you are interested in realizing custom projects with Openstreetmap, don't hesitate to contact me.



Currently, the traffic of the BVG flows largely without interference. Carriage of children, luggage, disabled passengers and accompanying persons, bicycles and animals, and conditions of carriage. Find out here about the carriage of children, luggage, disabled passengers and their accompanying persons, bicycles and animals, and about the conditions of carriage within the VBB fare zones. Children under six years of age can generally travel free of charge if accompanied. A maximum of three children may be taken on ferries. Children under four years of age may only use public transport if they are accompanied by a person who is at least six years of age.

ASCE 55-10 PDF

How to cancel a BVG yearly ticket



Conditions of carriage


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