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Page Count: Introduction 1. Control Elements and Connections 2. Digital Effects Processor 4. Wiring Examples 4. Audio Connectors 6. Presets 7. U ser Ma nu al. Congratulat ions! And indee d, this over whe lming mixing co nsole gi ves you plent y of f unc t ionalit y. For many years now we have been success f ul in developi ng produ c ts. Thes e include mic roph ones and s tudio g ear of all kind s.

Ou r entire te chnica l know-how has g one into your. T able of C ont ents. Thank you Impo rt ant Saf et y Inst ruc ti ons Lega l Disc laim er Limite d Warranty Int ro duc tio n Cont rol E lem ents an d Connec t ions Wiri ng E xampl es Audio Connec to rs Prese ts T erminals marked with this symbol carr y.

All ot her in sta lla tion or. This symbol, wher ever it appears, alerts you. Please read the manual. T o reduce the risk of electric shock , do not. No user s er vic eable parts in sid e. Re fer se rvicin g to. The app ar at us shal l not be ex posed to dr ipp ing. T o reduce the risk of electric shock do not per form any. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions.

Heed all warnings. Follo w all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near wat er. Clean only with dry cloth. In sta ll in 7. Do not install near any heat sourc es such as 8.

Do n ot def eat t he saf ety pu rpo se of the po lar iz ed 9. A polariz ed plug has t wo blades. A g roun din g-ty pe plu g. The wide.

If the. Pr otect the po wer cord fro m b ein g w alke d on o r Use only with the When a cart. Unp lug th is app ara tus d uring light nin g s to rms or Servic ing is r equ ir ed whe n the appar at us has be en. The information contained herein is corr ect at the time of printing. All trademarks are the pr opert y of their respective owners.

This manual is copyright ed. No part of this manual may. T rident Chambers, W ickhams Cay , P. Box ,. A list of authorized dealers can be. If the product. Reg ister ing y our. Thank you f or your coopera tion! If yo ur co unt r y is not l ist ed, ple ase ch eck if y our pr oblem.

Alternativ ely , please submit an online warranty claim at. All inquiries. Aft er v erify ing. Limited W arranty. T his limited warranty does. Under the. It doe s n ot co ve r t echni cal as sis tan ce for. This also applies t o defects caused by normal.

If the bu yer. Such costs will. Purchases made. This limited w arranty is extended exclusiv ely to the. Subject only to the operation of mandatory applicable. In no ev ent shall the liability. This limited w arranty is the complete and ex clusive. It supersedes. W arranty ser vice conditions are subject to change without.

F or the latest warranty terms and conditions. Rue d e P equim No. Introduc tion 1. One of the m ost o uts tan ding feat ures of t his console i s the. This ingenious ci rcuit makes i t possi ble to detec t and. What us ed to be a te dious sear ch for f eedb ack f requ encies. Even with ex tr eme gain. DSP20 24P. The mixer is e quippe d with a s tate - of-the-ar t i ntegrate d.

U nlike conventional desi gns,. Before you g et started 1. Shipment 1. Y ou r produc t w as care fu lly packed at t he fac tor y to ensure safe tr anspor t. Never thele ss, if the b ox is damaged insp ec t the u nit immed iately for si gns. Please e nsur e pro per di spos al of all p ack ing mate rials. Initial operation 1. Ensure ade quate air suppl y and to avoid overheating do n ot place the unit.

Blown f use s mus t be re placed by f us es of the c orr ec t rat ing! For connec tion to the mains use the e nclos ed power cord w ith cold co nnec tor. Please m ake sure th at all devi ces are p rop erl y gro unde d. The u nit mu st alw ays be conn ec ted to th e mains.


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Be sure to check that it is the user manual to exactly the device that you are looking for. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the form below. Remember that you can also share the solution. Remember me. Close Login now. Digital effects processor. Here is the list of all multi-effects presets.


Behringer Music Mixer Eurodesk Users Manual SX2442FX/SX3242FX



Behringer EURODESK SX2442FX user manual


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