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Hopefully you'll be able to find a secret item that was lost to your knowledge, or yearn on a secret rune spell that only the elite know. Either way, have fun, that's the bottom line. Be warned that spoilers are present everywhere in the FAQ, so it's your own fault if you read any further. I'll be more than content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions.

Provide me with what you want to know! Adding some secrets I missed thanks to contributor submissions. There are other variations in the main quest that I did not add, as it may cause more confusion than necessary. Regardless, most of the necessary elements of the game are included. Also added a few tips, walkthrough additions, and hints thanks to Brian Watson check the credits section.

Fixed up two parts of the walkthrough that were partially incorrect dragon eggs, security room in temple. Also fixed up a few formatting problems. I'm still missing a few hidden spells in the game, but I'm sure they'll be discovered. I'll be uploading the guide today. Feel free to make any suggestions, or additions and your name will be credited. Also integrating the traditional walkthrough step-by-step. Aiming for an early February release. Originally developed by Arkane Studios, and published by Dreamcatcher Interactive, one would question the ethics behind purchasing such a game.

However, Arx Fatalis is more than an altered Morrowind, or blasting adventure like Diablo. It combines the necessary elements of a vast RPG with the interaction we look forward to with the actual environments. While most gamers would compare it to Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Arx Fatalis contains more of the closed-in dungeon environments with plenty to discover. Using your wits, you must figure out ways to solve puzzles while facing the difficulty of everyday combat. While some of hte children were mumbling and giggling at the sight of the trembling old man, all grew silent as, in a harsh voice, he began to tell his tale.

A long time ago, according to legend, everyone lived in the fortress, aboveground. Over their heads, there was what they called a blue sky, where smoke, which went by the name of clouds, floated. High above, we had a radiant sun, which warmed us with its magical rays.

Wheat grew, without the help of magic, needing only the earth and the sun. Of course, there were also goblins, trolls, dragons and demons, but we lived so far away from one another that we rarely crossed paths. What truly shook our civilization was when the sun suddenly disappeared. In a mere few hours, it was gone.

Night fell, for all of eternity. Since that dratted day, the cold hand of death rules the earth's surface. All living things either died, froze to the surface, or retreated to the very heart of the same mother earth, as our people did in the past.

An ancient dwarves mine became the only hope for these many refugees. The dark age had begun Again, he paused, this time to allow the children to assimilate what he had said, then he continued. Below, where we are, each race has taken over a section of the mine. Today, magic is all we have to feed ourselves. Without it, we could not have survived until now.

Several levels below us are the goblins and rat-men, who have managed to survive by either stealing from us, or eating what we throw away. Everyone has finally found his place in this world.

Lunshire the Fair is a good and just king, who protects us from the demons lying in ambush at our fortress doors. You're happy with your lives because you grew up here and don't know of anything else. Listen to my tale, and imagine how wonderful life would be in a world with no limits, no tunnels, and no caves. A world where blinding light shines forth from a radiant sun, and not from some miserable wavering torches or because of magic spells! The scared children huddle together and raise their eyes to this strange sky.

I'm tired now. Leave me alone, you brats It was an expansive place, full of beautiful sights, and things that could be taken in like sweetening views. Then one day, the sun vanished away forcing all of the living creatures to retreat underground, where it was warmer. This is where the story takes place, so expect a lot of tight navigating. You take place of a sole person who goes on a perilous adventure which somehow affects a storyline.

Most RPGs feature battles with enemies, constant discovery in various levels, and most of all a key plot to follow. However, Arx Fatalis is fairly unique as it combines certain elements of interaction that one would not find in another game. Thus, you'll be forced to eat when starvation comes in, toss objects on panels to affect another event, and even "spell" spells literally in a real-time fashion.

Most elementary principles of the games are captured to great length. However, since this is a role-playing game, characters often have specified amounts of health, magic abilities, and what you can do. The interface notifies you of pretty much your entire status. An image will pop up showing the inventory in the object you selected, and your current inventory.

Select items from the inventory of the storage device, and press A to swatch them over to your own inventory. Many items you find in Arx Fatalis will come through checking chests and bodies - so get use to it.

Then, press the BACK button on the controller, and you can snatch things out of their inventory into yours. Stealth is a key to this manuever, but you also don't have to deal with attacking or killing the person. If you want to buy something, put your cursor over the seller's inventory, and a price will appear at the bottom of the screen.

It will appear green if you can afford it , or red if you cannot. You may also place the cursor over your own inventory. If you do so, items of your own property will get prices from the sellers at a much lower value though.

Simply press A in either manner, and the item will be exchanged with gold coins. You cannot steal items out of a chest, unless you sneak in, pick the lock, and take them without anyone noticing. By increasing your "Intuition" skill, it enables you to see traps object turns a reddish tint , hidden panels they appear a shallow gray , and various passageways. Traps can be defused with special kits, scrolls, or spells. One involves attempting to find the correct key, and then using it on it.

Or, you can be the thrifty person, and simply pick the lock. In order to pick a lock, you need a toolkit an item , and a high "Technical" skill to make it past complex locks.

Nearly all locks in the game can be picked, it's just a matter of having tool kits and extremely high Technical skills. To enchant items, you need an item that can be combined usually a mashed ingredient, rare artifact, or something of that type , and a normal item that can be enchanted. Basically, you drop that weapon or armor on the ground, then from your quick inventory, select an ingredient. Combine it with the item on the ground by pressing A, and the item will be ready to be enchanted.

All you need to do is cast the spell "Enchant Object", and make sure it's on the ground when you do so. Rather than simply buying an identify scroll, you must raise a special skill category called "Object Knowledge.

This is the only way to identify items in the game. So make sure you pump a ton of points into object knowledge at least Basically, the more you use them, the less fit they become for use. Items can break, or not be used when their durability reaches 0. To prevent this, you can repair certain items by taking them to the blacksmith. All you have to do is take the item, highlight it in your inventory, then combine it with the blacksmith for a fee of gold of course.

You may also repair items yourself by taking them to an anvil, and combining them with that instead. A higher object knowledge skill improves your ability to repair items. Most items will lose maximum durability points if you try to repair them yourself. Potions, while fairly uncommon in Arx Fatalis, do help you in many different situations. To create or concoct your own potion, you must first gather an empty bottle. For example, you can grind down garlic into garlic powder, then combine it in the empty bottle.

Once this is accomplished, find a distiller, and combine it press A from the quick inventory. Your powder-filled flask will turn into a potion.

In many cases, the ingredients determine which type of potion you will get. Also, a high object knowledge skill benefits you during this process.

It's necessary to eat on a regular basis, otherwise you become hungry, and lose energy as time progresses. You can die of starvation.


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Arx Fatalis Table of Contents Walkthrough. As the game manual will tell you, three basic items are needed for potions, the ingredient, reagent an empty bottle, and a distillery. The manual also states that there is a distillery in the lab of the human kingdom. Let me clarify this because I know you newbie itchy alchemists out there will be wondering with frustration just like I was. So I'll give you the answer.


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