He spent five years studying medicine at the Vienna University and became an admirer of Sigmund Freud. Later Schnitzler and Freud became closer friends and shared many similar ideologies. After his studies at the University he joined the army for one year and received his doctorate at the same time. In Sigmund Freud and Schnitzler shared many ideas and interests, which examined the theories of unconsciousness and sub-consciousness. From the year onwards, Schnitzler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal belonged to an elite artistic group called the "Wiener Modern". Only three years later Schnitzler decided to open his own private practice to be able to focus more on his writing.

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When Arthur Schnitzler was sixteen years old, his physician father discovered the boy had visited a house of ill repute. He did not lecture him, but required him to read through a tome about venereal diseases, filled with grisly illustrations. This lesson did not restrain his amorous pursuits. However, it was not his personal adventures with women that aroused the critical attention of the public, such adventures were countless at the turn of the century in Vienna, but his stage dramas that called attention to that kind of behavior, criticizing it as being heartless, banal. It was bad taste to mention, let alone criticize, questionable behavior. His literary reputation began as the author of a cycle of one-act dramas about the adventures of the carefree rake, Anatol.


La Ronde the original German name is Reigen [1] is a controversial play with provocative sexual themes, written by Arthur Schnitzler in It scrutinizes the sexual morality and class ideology of its day through successive encounters between pairs of characters before or after a sexual encounter. By choosing characters across all levels of society, the play offers social commentary on how sexual contact transgresses class boundaries. Printed privately in , it was not publicly performed until , when it provoked strong reactions. La Ronde was first printed in for private circulation amongst friends. A German editor was found in to publish the play from Germany. In it was translated into French, and in into English and published as Hands Around.



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