AnyConnect Pocket Guid Reilly - Pocket Guide Pocket Guide SUP 8. The ALEXA platform has been designed with ease of use and user-friendliness in mind; the menu and controls are simple and intuitive, so the best way to learn ALEXA is to get your hands on the real thing.

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Quick Links. Pocket Guide. Table of Contents. Arri amira documentary-style camera quick guide 57 pages. Page 4: New Features In Sup 9. This SUP 2. In the home screen, the value for red-blue correction and a following info is displayed: CC shift for green-magenta correction shown as exponent. Shown as 1 in minutes. Calculated for the set present for recording. Note: these are only approximate values. Press the INFO card access. Grab Still frame is being captured General An error occurred.

Temperature Slight sensor temperature High Sensor is in high humidity Warning offset. Mode perature. Should only be used in very humid conditions Temperature Great sensor temperature e. Error offset. Image quality might be affected seriously. Temperature Slight sensor temperature Warning offset. Image quality might Gamma Displays Gamma setting for be affected. Temperature Great sensor temperature Error offset.

Page 9: Recording Media 17 min 0. P roRes is a variable bit rate codec. Actual data rate and recording time varies depending on image content. It is called Open Gate. Open Gate x 12 bit Bayer A color reconstruction Since each pixel based on the type and position of the the Open Gate aperture is wider than a Super 35 array of colored filters Bayer pattern on the camera frame, please make sure that the lenses you are sensor. As a result, half of the reconstructed image's using actually cover the whole area.

Wide angle green values are interpolated from the surrounding lenses are more critical in this respect than long focal photosites rather than captured, as are three-quarters lengths. Page Arriraw Converter 3. Please note that for Page Prores x 10 bit YCbCr 0.

New for SUP 9. As pressed. When shooting e. It allows you to move that black until the recording is stopped. Pre-recording is only bar out of the frame. The phase-function is only available for ProRes codecs. What is special about ALEXA, however, is that its wide exposure latitude is avail- Values next to the exposure index are the number low end at EI , 0. In comparison to other IRNDs which have traditional ND filter stacked on top of a separate IR-cut some bumps in their spectral behavior or the ordinary off filter.

ND which opens up at about nm the FSNDs offer an even light attenuation across the whole spectrum see next page. The color that will convert Log C material to sensor linear the name of a file format that contains density data Viewing and Monitoring Log C corrector then applies the settings in Log C and con- encoding.

The linearization will preserve all image from scanned negative film. It is therefore possible to do round-trip measure of the opacity of the film. When viewed LUT Generator at www. The top quality is available online at www. As soon as a Look the standard Log C to Video tone mapping curve.

Page 24 Dailies of devices. In an extended range sig- codec specifications. Most editing or post produc- psf output. An ALEXA always captures progres- nal, the same range is represented by code values 4 tion tools automatically transform the legal range sively full frame at once. The psf mode splits each to Extended range encoding does not provide files to e. Note: Some recorders will allow to record e. The psf output enables compatibility to It is only the quantization the number of lightness ProRes clips in extended range.

If this material devices that only understand interlaced signals for steps between the darkest and brightest image is brought into FCP, for example, the application certain frame rates. It has no influence on the inter- parts that is slightly increased about 0. A license file is serial number angle of view. Of course DNxHD which it has been purchased. Speed mode see High Speed license. During prep or pre- the digital workflow. The following steps are necessary to prep the shooting with more than one camera unit.

We highly recommend that you make at least one 1. Page Shooting Highspeed Step 4. EDIT screen. Page Shooting Stereo 3D Additional notes for shooting in other modes than the standard setup cont. R emove the mag and prepare it to be backed up. The cleanliness of the optical fiber connectors is 1. If a licensed feature will be used, the license key mandatory for seamless functionality.

Make sure Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Cookies must be enabled. We recommend using one motor per lens supported! The same need to add more than one lens axis, you can K2. All other lenses require an external encoder and a motor to the respective controller connector.

Data On set, the same data can be used with the WCU-4 custom lens table for lens data generation. Page 32 Creating a Lens Table 1. A prerequisite for lens table programming is the 3. O pen the web browser on the computer and enter 5. A browser screen with lens scales comes correct setup of the lens motors. Please set up the the address alexa. If you mount the motor serial number of the camera.

If you mount a motor screen. The same applies if you are using one metadata. Then motor sequentially for multiple lens axes.

The lens scales are displayed on the LDA browser 7. F irst, select the unit of measurement metric or Page 33 Creating a Lens Table cont. The prime symbol for feet values can be used to 80 centimeters: color and crossed out.

The lens file will focus area. If you are unsure about the numerical data point to the current motor position. This can then be processed and stored inside the ALEXA LDA value of such a mark, you can switch off the usage be particularly useful if an existing lens scale has a User Archive section. You might want slight offset and needs adjustment. The Webremote will prompt an error message in to switch off marking lines for zoom values, if the A data point can be deleted by moving the point to case of any logical data errors within the lens file.

In lens does not have those lines as well. Intermediate the screen scale index. DNxHD recording. Except for the recorded data, however, none storage capacity which equals over minutes of hold one drive. It's only when ProRes in 2K at 24 fps.


The Complete Guide to Getting Started with the ARRI ALEXA

These guides are a great way to stay up to date on what each camera system is capable of and common best practices". Really convenient when you are on set and need to quickly figure out something about your camera. Charts, graphics and diagrams make it easy to get the camera info you need quickly. Made by a camera assistant with established experience who understands life on set, each pocket guide is full of charts, text, graphics and simple diagrams that take complicated camera systems and make them easy to understand.


ARRI ALEXA Pocket Manual

Quick Links. Pocket Guide. Table of Contents. Arri amira documentary-style camera quick guide 57 pages. Page 4: New Features In Sup 9. This SUP 2. In the home screen, the value for red-blue correction and a following info is displayed: CC shift for green-magenta correction shown as exponent.

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