Import and Export of data between Tally and other programs is possible only through Program. The re-order point is the inventory quantity that trigger a stock replishment activity. The systems that work together to order,receive, and pay for replenishment of stock are Tally allows to delete a ledger from alteration mode. In Tally, Types of Accounts and Types of Vouchers passed during the period, can be seen in report. In the Tally Software, the directory stores all data entered by the user.

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Import and Export of data between Tally and other programs is possible only through Program. The re-order point is the inventory quantity that trigger a stock replishment activity. The systems that work together to order,receive, and pay for replenishment of stock are Tally allows to delete a ledger from alteration mode. In Tally, Types of Accounts and Types of Vouchers passed during the period, can be seen in report.

In the Tally Software, the directory stores all data entered by the user. A is a primary document for recording all financial transactions. User designated as can view audit list. Tally supports Importing of data from In an accounting information system, which of the following types of computer files most likely would be a master file? One company to another company Other programs created withon a spreadsheet or Tally Package a database file.

Inventory subsidiary. Does not require as stringent a set of internal controls. Will produce a more accurate set of financial statements. Which of the following is an advantage of a computer-based system for transaction processing over a manual system?

A computer-based system:. Inefficient usage of excess computer equipment can Contingency be controlled by Planning Which of the following is not the component of a CPU NIC Card A trailer label is used on a magnetic tape file, it is the last record and summarises the file. The following is an information not found in the trailer label. Hard copy is a term used to describe? What do the abbreviations VAB stand for What control would prevent the accidental erasure of customer information from a magnetic tape What are the individual dots which make up a picture on the monitor screen called?

Header label normally include all the following except the A daisy wheel is a type of? Which approach or technique is a control usually associated with microcomputers. Writing on a hard board Printed output Voice activated Voice answer broadcasting back Boundary protection Pixels Identification number Storage device Physical Security.

An impact printer creates characters by using? The best security control in a microcomputer environment is to What would you NOT use with a flatbed plotter? What do you need for an ink jet printer? The greatest control exposure in a microcomputer environment is the lack of A laser printer does NOT use?

The amount of data that a disk may contain is known as the disks? Information on a hard disk is usually backed-up using a? Serial access Magnetic tape is a? Which storage device cannot be erased? Where should floppy disks be stored?

The contents of these chips are lost when the computer is switched off? What are responsible for storing permanent data and instructions?

Which parts of the computer perform arithmetic ALU calculations? What are small high speed memory units used for CPUs storing temporary results? How many bits of information can each memory cell 0 bits in a computer chip hold? What type of computer chips are said to be volatile? RAM chips. Software can be divided into two areas: Travel agents use this computer system when reserving flights Which computers are used in the weather forecasting industry?

Vacuum tube based electronic Which generation of computer microchips? Which generation of computer microprocessor? Which generation of computer integrated circuits? Which generation of computer state components? Systems Network software software and and security application software software Personal Supercomputer computer Supercompute rs Second generation First generation Third generation Third generation Third generation.

Notebook computers First computers are? CAAT's are computer program and data that auditor uses as part of the audit procedures to process data if audit significance contained in an entity information system CAAT do not contains package programs, purpose written program, utility programs or system management programs yes Embedded audit routines are sometimes built into an entity's computer system to provide data for later user by the auditor.

With OLRT where interactive data entry is available, the master file associated with a transaction may be searched for confirming data true Controls are required for authorization to ensure data integrity and detect possible breaches in security true Data from client application are not stored in the organization's database through auditables events and function true All input records in a batch are normally of different true types incremental design and enlarge activity. Snapshot is software which takes a picture of a file or data or a transaction passing though the system true.

Which of the following is not the use of CAATs Which of the following are called explicitly by another procedure? Tests of details of Analytical review transactions procedures Action Macros Procedures integer true actions report macro calculator number false events form expression elements code builder. Make table queries create a new table from the records of another table In ms-access, to protect a database file from illegal access, we may set database password.

While appending records, the source and the target table must have similar structure and fields true We can add our own functions to the expression elements list box of the expression builder. A way to analyse and manipulate A tool to produce numerical high quality information documents It contains all Information about the data about certain programs one specific item remote DBMS storing data offline at a separate site relative DBMS backing up data regularly Computer sequence checks Reports provide a very flexible way of creating and editing documents Spreadsheets make data easy to analyse.

Data Warehousing refers to Unauthorised alteration of on-line records can be prevented by employing. Which of the following constraints can be used to enforce the uniqueness of rows in a table?

Which of the following properties of the Err object provides the name of a component that sends an error back to the client application?

This database holds personal information. The user keeping a can help to keep it confidential by using a password backup copy If the database holds customer names and addresses, personalised letters can be created automatically using the product code the primary key.

A database bookmarks Auto Primary records in a dynaset are consistent with the underlying tables. You are creating a banking database to track customer loans.

The bank will, of course, have many customers, each of whom may take out one or more loans, while each loan may be associated with only one customer there are no joint accounts. What is the re One-to-one In a one-to-many relationship between Companies and Employees, which field is found in both tables? EmployeeID Which of the following ensures that records in related tables are consistent with one another?

For example, it ensures that you cannot add a record with an invalid foreign key. The Tools menu, Relationship window. Referential integrity Right-click the Relationship line, then select Delete from the shortcut menu. How would you delete a relationship between tables Double click the in the Relationships window? Relationship line That there are several customers In a Customers tables, what does a plus sign next to associated with the CustomerID field mean?

Assume a one-to-many relationship between the Customers table and the Loans table, with referential integrity in effect. What happens when you attempt to delete a customer ID from the Customer table that still has entries in the Loans table? Which of the following is true when viewing a main form and its associated subform in the Form Design The subform is view? A one-to-many relationship between teams and players. Which of the following relationships does not belong in a database based on a professional sports league such as football or basketball?

Which symbol is used at the end of the join line in a related table to signify the many side of a one-tomany relationship? You have created a one-to-many relationship with referential integrity between a Customers table and a Loans table. From which table can you delete a Either table at record? The Customers table only when there are Loan records associated with that customer prompt, icon, title bar text.

Sub CreateList. A text field enables the form user to choose from one of several existing entries. Which of the following are basic components of an enterprise-class database system? The database application the DBMS accesses the database data creates form the database application. Normalization is a process used to deal with which of the following modification anomalies?

Insertion anomaly Update anomaly assess the existing tables' structure and content are supplied by several wellestablished manufacturers design the database structure were essentially killed off by MS Access Their report delivery is more difficult than report delivery for reporting systems.

We have obtained access to the company's operational data. We examine 50 records for customers with phone numbers that should use the current area code of Of these 50 records, we find 10 that still use an older area code of This is an example dirty data. We have been asked to produce a report with an item by item analysis of sales, but the only sales figure available is the total sale value for each order. A data warehouse database differs from an operational database because: Which of the following objects is used to display a menu?

Which of the following objects are NOT found in an Access application? Table Queries and tables It will be easier for the user to upgrade it if the objects are in one database and the tables in another.

You are developing an Access application that you expect to upgrade periodically. Which of the following statements is TRUE? An application may consist of multiple The Link Tables databases, each command can be with multiple used to associate objects, linked to the tables in one yet another database with the database Which of the following statements regarding Access objects in another containing only applications is NOT true?

Which of the following brings a copy of the table into the current database and does not maintain a tie to the original table? Import Link It contains tables, reports, queries, and forms Build Menu. What makes a database an application? What is the Access tool that is used to create the user interface? Hash Function Digital Signature involves two processes. Error checking Competitive espionage.


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True False AA is a primary document for recording all financial transactions. Administrator Owner Data Entry TallyVault ATally supports mporting of data from One company to another company created withon Tally PackageOther programs - a spreadsheet or a database file. Both A and B None of the above Cn an accounting information system, which of the following types of computer files most likely would be a master file? Inventory subsidiary. Cash disbursements. Cash receipts.


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A number of open source tools exist for modeling and simulation of computer.. With the increase in activities of the Fedora India Ambassadors group, the localisation project is also slated filettpe an inevitable boost in India. Ping the hosts In case there is a network problem, you will need to narrow down to the cause. Switching to moedl new Plymouth system initialisation system did not make a noticeable impact on the booting time on my desktops from power-on to the login page. Turns out it can, and in a very imaginative and simple way! Additionally, help is always at hand on fedora-H0n and fedora- india IRC channels on Freenode server and the fedora-trans-list redhat.

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