All of these counters have a gated zero reset and the LS90 also has gated set-to-nine inputs for use in BCD nine's complement applications. To use their maximum count length decade or four bit binary , the B input is connected to the QA output. The input count pulses are applied to input A and the outputs are as described in the appropriate truth table. A symmetrical divide-by-ten count can be obtained from the 'LS90 counters by connecting the QD output to the A input and applying the input count to the B input which gives a divide-by-ten square wave at output QA.

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Latest Projects Education. General Electronics Chat Help! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter idmond Start date Oct 11, Search Forums New Posts. Thread Starter idmond Joined Oct 5, After i finished doing all the truth tables and drawing the logic diagram, i decided to simulate it first before getting into any hardware stuff.

Now, after i found every thing i need, i used Multisim and started connecting the outputs of 74ls93n to drive 4 LEDs instead of 7-Segment , just to test it first, and ran my design. Scroll to continue with content. SgtWookie Joined Jul 17, 22, Your circuit is suffering from the dreaded "switch bounce". Yes, I have to agree. It sounds like switch or contact bouncing. Also, I dont see any decoupling capacitors on the IC. That can lead to odd behavior also. Wendy Joined Mar 24, 22, Anything between 0.

Along with what Marshallf3 said 0. By the way, "switch bounce" is not always "dreaded". I used it as a random number generator for gaming. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads Unable to solve this practice problem can somebody help me out plz I'm not an electronic expert, I need help to built a system of camera for security! Can you help me to identify this surface mount capacitor?

Thanks Help! You May Also Like. Continue to site. Unable to solve this practice problem can somebody help me out plz. Today at AM. I'm not an electronic expert, I need help to built a system of camera for security! General Electronics Chat. Yesterday at AM. Wednesday at PM. Chicken Door Coop Controller - novice help please. Wednesday at AM.


74LS93M, 74LS93N, 74LS93P

The 74LS93 is a 4-bit binary counter made of two up-counters. The IC consists of a mode-2 up-counter and a mod-8 up counter. Can be combined as mod-8 counter or divide by 2 or divide by 8 applications. It is built using four JK Flip Flops. The 74LS93 is a up-counter built using four JK flip-flops. The IC is commonly used by combining mod-2 and mod-8 to form a mod up-counter.


74LS93N View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments


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