The other three seem fairly self explanatory although I'd be grateful if any of you could confirm that my understanding is correct based on the following. In my design, I have the quiescent anode voltage set at about V with a cathode current of 4. With full input signal level, the anodes swing up to V, when the instantaneous cathode current is 3. Am I operating the valve outside its rated limits? The VaO is the maximum voltage that can be safely placed on the Anode without fear of damage by arcing.

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Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. Features include very low , in. Maximum ratings Anode voltage, DC Anode dissipation, per triode Cathode current, continuous, per triode Maximum grid-circuit resistance Headquarters: South Memorial. Gold plated pins Heating Indirect A. Abstract: 6AF11 tube tip volts 50 amperes E K general electric Text: compactron containing a high-mu triode , a medium-mu triode , and a sharp-cutoff pentode.

The high-mu triode is intended for AGC keyer service, the low-mu triode for sync separator service, and the pentode for video ,!. Abstract: negative clipper Scans general electric Text:. The high-mu triode section is suitable for use as a vertical oscillator, AF voltage amplifier, or as a ,. Abstract: r Triode Text:. Triode section intended for use as oscillator in A.

The triode may be used as frame blocking oscillator and the pentode in the frame output stage. The triode may also be used as a line time base generator or an A. Anode Voltage Peak Anode. Triode Grid 4 Heptode Grid No. It is for use as a combined detector, amplifier, and automatic-volume-control tube in radio receivers designed for its characteristics. The two diodes and the triode are independent , another for the triode. The separate tube units permit of unusual flexibility in circuit arrangement and , volume-control; while, at the same time, the triode may be used as an amplifier under its own optimum conditions.

Each , intermediate-frequency amplifier, and sound intermediate-frequency amplifier. The triode section is intended for use as a sync amplifier, separator, or clipper, or as a sweep oscillator.

The triode section may also be ,. Abstract: No abstract text available Text: comprises two sections, combined I'Ik- 1 in a single envelope. Anode current as a function of the grid bias at Va - V The. Abstract: t general electric 6au8 tube tube 6Au8 tube 6Bh8 Text: tube which contains a sharp-cutoff pentode and a medium-mu triode in one envelope. Except for the electrical characteristics of the triode section, the 6BH8 is identical to the 6AU8. The triode section of the 6BH8 incorporates a lower amplification factor than the 6AU8 triode section and consequently may , triode section is intended for use as a sync amplifier, separator, or clipper or as a sweep oscillator.

The triode section may also be connected as a diode for video-detector applications, which adds to the. OK, Thanks We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. Try Findchips PRO for triode Previous 1 2 Texas Instruments. Uch81 Abstract: r Triode Text:. UCH81 Uch81 r Triode.


6922 / E88CC Tubes



MP6922 Controller. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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