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Through window displays, newspapers, soap operas, gay bars, and other public culture venues, Chinese citizens are negotiating what it means to be cosmopolitan citizens of the world, with appropriate needs, aspirations, and longings. In a study at once ethnographic, historical, and theoretical, she contends that neoliberal subjectivities are created through the production of various desires-material, sexual, and affective-and that it is largely through their engagements with public culture that people in China are imagining and practicing appropriate desires for the post-Mao era.

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Through the adoption of Uniform Commercial Laws, the organisation is expected to create an enabling environment for business development, thereby providing for a path to economic growth and subsequent development. In light of this professed aim, both the transnational methodological approach and comparative law theories are used in this paper to critically analyse the various processes conducted under the OHADA banner and to engage in discussions on the highly debated role of law as a vehicle for development in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Get access to all our content - subscribe today 30 day free trial. Analysts have really been put to the test in they have had to factor in bouts of volatility from the US-China trade war, a U-turn by the US Federal Reserve, the threat of a slowdown in global growth and worries about the health of the financial system in China and India, among other things.